It’s that time once again when we restate our ambitions and commit to achieve more, be more, or stop doing that thing we could live without.

"This year I will..." How could you finish that sentence for upcoming year?

The reality is we make resolutions on New Year’s Eve that we quite often never truly take possession of or even truly expect to achieve. Ever made a wish? Of course you have, we all have. On Thanksgiving, we have a ritual in our home where two of us grip opposing ends of the dried turkey wishbone, we quitely make a wish and pull. As the ritual goes, after the intense conflict comes to an end the holder of the bigger piece of the wishbone will have her dream come true, it hardly does. Why you may ask?

After all we have been taught that if we put a commanding enough intention out into the universe we can achieve it. I was also taught, "If it’s God’s will, it will come to pass." I have no doubt both of those statments are true. But here’s the thing, for either God or the universe to dash in and assist you get what you want you have to do more than just wish for it, you have to know definitely what it is that you desire first.

Another way of saying it, the last time I came up with the big half of the wishbone I wished for a million bucks and I did not get it. That may have been a blessing in disguise. Had I been granted my wish, I may have been surrounded by a colossal herd of big horn sheep. Praying for a million bucks is too vague to be anything else than a dream.

Notwithstanding wishes do at times become reality I’m confident the majority of people would rather not bet our future on the uncertain payoff of a dream.

You possess what Maxwell Maltz describes as, an internal success mechanism. It’s the part of you that will drive the rest of you kicking and yelling if needed toward what you authentically crave for the future. This year you can begin programming your internal success mechanism by turning your "New Year’s Resolution" into an real intention for strategic goal setting.

That requires getting very clear on precisely what you want, why you want it, and write it down as a clear and succinct strategic goal setting statement. The fact is your capability is infinite. You can possess everything you dream about but you must begin by making a true intention. Then you can yell as loud as you can "This year, I will..."

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Tom Terwilliger is an identical twin and the founder and CEO of Coaching Leadership Excellence in Denver, CO. He is a certified NLP Master practitioner, Hypnotherapy practitioner, body rapport expert, Life Coach, fitness expert, personal growth and development trainer, and co-creator of and the winner of the NPC National Bodybuilding Championship (Mr. America). Tom’s books and training programs include, 7 Rules of Achievement and Inner Game of Confidence. Tom can be contacted at