Are you a victim of procrastination? Or are you unable to stop procrastinating? Do you often find yourself unable to meet deadlines because you spent too much watching TV, playing computer games or even sleeping?

Well, I was exactly like that just a few years ago. But, thankfully those days are in the PAST. These days, I can set goals and achieve them easily without any time consuming hassles. And you can do the same too.

All you need to do is manage your time now!

Here’s a few tips to get you started.

1. Plan your daily must-do activities: Draw up a to-do list. Preferably write it down on paper or even a white board in your office. Or, use a computer if you prefer. Include all the things that must be done today. No ifs or buts! These are the MUST-Do activities.

2. Prioritize the activities, with the more important ones taking precedence over the less important activities on the list. If there are important things to do, but not urgent enough to be worried about if not done, put them below the urgent ones. The idea is based on the established principle that 80% of rewards come from 20% of effort directed towards accomplishing important work.

3. Start working: Even if the deadline is 5 days from now or a month from now, starting out on an important project will help you avoid stress and do it well. When you start a major project just the day of the deadline, you are bound to stress out and leave out important points. Get in the habit of starting things before the deadline.

4. Start working bit by bit. Things may seem like huge mountains at first but it is important to stay calm. Afterall, you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time! And it takes time to digest…Just start working on the project or task on hand and don’t worry about getting it perfect. You still have a lot of time to iron out the details. Remember to start well before the deadline so you can focus on finishing the task and then ironing out the details. Trying to get everything right on first attempt is the best excuse used by procrastinators!

Procrastination is a deadly disease and it not only kills motivation but also your chances of success. Stop procrastinating right now and start achieving your goals TODAY!!

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