If you want to stop excessive underarm perspiration, then this article may just give you the solution you’re looking for. Underarm perspiration can intensify during hot weather or physical activities; however, excessive underarm sweating in a cool environment may send your self-esteem plummeting down the spiral. Imagine the embarrassment when you're with important people and they see you having wet marks when it's not even hot and you barely move. It’s time to find a suitable treatment to stop excessive underarm perspiration.

Medically known as axillary hyperhidrosis, excessive underarm perspiration is more of a social embarrassment than a threatening medical condition. Large, prominent sweat stains and constant sweating are normal signs.

Should you be suffering from this condition, rest assured that this is treatable. That white shirt need not stay in your closet forever.

Common methods to stop excessive underarm perspiration (also known as hyperhidrosis treatments) are prescribed anti-perspirants, botox, and surgery (endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy).

1) Prescription anti-perspirants. When the best over-the-counter deodorant or anti-perspirant fails, consult your dermatologist. Dermatologists are likely to prescribe anti-perspirants based on aluminum chloride. This may be one of the best, safest cures for excessive underarm sweating.

2) Botox. Should prescription anti-perspirants prove to be ineffective, a more drastic – and expensive – measure like botox treatment may be called for. Botox is injected in the infected area to prevent the release of a chemical that stimulates sweat production. Injections are done after every 6-10 months.

Though botox is approved by the Food and Drug Administration specifically to stop excessive underarm sweating, be cautious with this method as some patients complain of moderate or severe pain when being administered shots. Also, find a qualified practitioner to ensure your safety in this procedure.

3) Surgery. Clinically known as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS), this treatment involves inserting titanium clips in the underarm to control sweating. The entire procedure is quick and painless but can have some side effects. A common side effect is compensatory sweating, where the body sweats more in other areas to compensate for the reduced sweating in the armpits.

In addition to the above treatments, you can do the following to control and stop underarm sweating:

1) Wear loose, natural fabrics. Loose clothing will let your underarms breathe more easily. Tight-fitting clothes trap sweat and can even make sweat stains obvious.

Natural fabrics, like cotton and silk, allow sweat to dry faster than synthetic man-made fabrics like spandex and nylon.

2) Eat and drink properly. Avoid foods that can only worsen your perspiration problem like those with caffeine and alcohol. Cut down or avoid spicy foods as well as they tend to make the body sweat more.

Drinking lots of water is important to re-hydrate the body especially after excessive underarm sweating.

3) Meditate. As stress and anxiety contribute to excessive underarm sweating, a sound mind can keep it in check. Meditation also maintains the body’s hormonal balance.

As a meditation exercise to stop excessive underarm perspiration, imagine yourself at the base of a mountain. Feel a cool, dry breeze blowing through you. Allow the breeze to slowly and soothingly dry your skin.

Find the most suitable treatment for you and complement it with the proper diet, comfortable clothing and regular relaxation/meditation. Letting all these work together, you can effectively stop excessive underarm perspiration and raise the roof.

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