To stop blushing with hypnosis, it is necessary to re-programme your thoughts associated with blushing. Using hypnosis you are accessing your subconscious, quickly and easily, and it is your subconscious mind that controls all your responses. For those who are time poor, suggestion therapy is ideal. You feel the benefits immediately with hypnosis. The benefits include relaxation as well as a sense of power that at last, you can control your blushing and send new coding your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind's primary function is to protect you. It records every single thing that has happened, every feeling, every word that has been said to you and like your hard drive in your computer, organises the information. Your conscious mind on the other hand can only deal with 3 to 5 active thoughts at any one time. No doubt there were times you blushed for what seemed like no reason - but your subconscious mind picked up on someone subconsciously and responded with blushing. The idea of this is to prevent you from putting yourself in such a situation again! Your subconscious mind has the intellect of a 6 year old child – things are good or bad, there is no other interpretation. Other times, you know you are going to blush and therefore, expect it, for example, giving a presentation at work or being attracted to someone. In this case, your mind is thinking "don't blush" but the subconscious mind does not recognise the word "not, don't" so instead it hears "blush, blush" and the more you consciously try to fight it, the stronger the blushing becomes! When you have said the words "not, don't" blush, the subconscious flicks through its internal dictionary and sees that blushing = red face and/or red neck, feelings of anxiousness, insecure, anxiety feelings etc and makes these feelings real for you. Well, the subconscious is only doing what you asked it to do! With hypnosis, you learn that you have the power to access your own mind and just re-programme your subconscious so that you can control blushing. You can learn to change your responses to stressful situations. Blushing seems to associate with guilt feelings or being the centre of attention or both. I think this sense of power is very important especially with blushing because it is so obvious and whenever anxiety or panic feelings exist. Once you know how to control and diminish the effects of blushing, you find that blushing no longer is the issue it used to be and then one day, the blushing has abated. Hypnosis helps by shifting the focus off the problem of blushing and helps to give perspective. You blush because your subconscious mind thinks it is helpful to you but you need to let your subconscious mind know that the blushing response is not an effective way for you to manage socially and at work. So new suggestions are offered which are more effective for you and less obvious to observers that you are suffering. Visualization techniques will help to practice future settings and the way you want to respond. Hypnosis is not a cure for blushing and there are times when you will blush (as we all do) but for the most part, blushing's hold over you is removed. It is about looking to your future and you can, with hypnosis, determine what that is and you learn a new skill that you can take into other areas of your life.

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Zita Stanley is a hypnotherapist/psychotherapist with practices in Dublin and Portlaoise, Co. Laois. She has been published in newspapers and magazines and has appeared on television.