We all have them…the closet that everyone is afraid to open because we know we can’t get it closed! Whether it is a master bedroom, linen, pantry or coat, it’s the same techniques to clear the clutter.

Use the 4 Boxes Method (Keep, Give, Move & Toss) and pull out everything, placing it in one of the boxes. Take this moment to sweep and wipe off surfaces while it is empty. Now, return the Keep items neatly. Give away your donations, Move things that do not belong to their correct home and Toss the trash.

Be hard on yourself. Ask those tough questions…Do you need it? Do you use it? Do you value it? Are you REALLY going to wear it? If so, when and where? Why are you holding onto it if it’s just taking up valuable space?

Start in one corner and work your way around. Be sure to pull out EVERYTHING so you can look it over, try it on (or not!) and see if it is something worth keeping. Too many times people just stand in the closet and look for those things to pull out and discard. This method just doesn’t work - you don’t see it all; you don’t realize what is needing repair; you don’t know if it fits; you don’t toss as much; you don’t really know what all you have. Yes, it makes a bigger mess to pull it all out, but remember, it has to get worse BEFORE it gets better. And, it will be worth it!

Don’t have much time before your next appointment? It’s okay - take advantage of any moment you have. Use those 30 minutes before time to pick up the kids at school or those 10 minutes while you wait on the shower. It is better to keep a project moving along than to try to find time when you can complete it in one sitting. No one has that kind of time anymore! After all, slow and steady wins the race. So, grab a kitchen timer and set it to remind you when it is time to stop. It would be awful to forget to pick up the kids because you were sucked into your closet!

Author's Bio: 

As a recovering messie herself, Kim understands exactly how her clients feel! She was not born organized, but she was born to organize. Since it is a daily struggle for her, she is constantly evaluating, analyzing and developing methods to solve her own problems. Once she realized that things could be different, she decided to help other people make changes in their lives too.

Kim has always enjoyed space planning and finding solutions for difficult situations. Her unique ability to problem-solve earned her the “Dear Abby” column of her elementary school paper and she spent her Friday night sleepovers rearranging her friends’ rooms.

Today, she enjoys solving problems for her clients, helping them find ways to simplify their homes and offices and providing the opportunity to enjoy a more fulfilling life.