The days are getting warmer and longer. Spring is here! As the light shines in the windows we begin to see all of the dirt and clutter that has built up over the winter. It’s that time of year again - Spring Cleaning Time! But where to begin!

According to cleaning professionals, eliminating clutter can reduce housework by 40%. So before you start cleaning, make sure your house contains only what you love and use regularly so that cleaning and maintenance will be a breeze.
• Clean out the refrigerator and pantry; throwing out any out of date food or things you simply won’t eat.
• Go through the kitchen cabinets and drawers; donate anything you seldom or never use.
• Tackle the closets; pass along anything that doesn’t fit or you just don’t like. Remember we usually wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. Try to cut that other 80% we wear 20% of the time in half.
• Store away winter blankets and clothes.
• Go through the bathroom cabinets; get rid of any products you will never use.
• Go through the garage; clear out what you no longer use and making those summer time items more accessible.

As you purge, keep in mind the following – they are not legitimate reasons to keep something:
• I might need it someday!
• Someone gave it to me!
• I could sell it online or at a garage sale!
• I’m going to fix it!
• It may be worth something someday!
• It’s still good and someone else might be able to use it!

After the purging process, it’s time to make your house sparkle:
• Clean windows inside and out
• Clear cobwebs along the ceiling and corners of walls
• Launder bedding , blankets and curtains
• Wash or air out rugs
• Open the windows and air out the house
• Clean or change vent filters and dust vents
• Dust the things you usually don’t - baseboards, blinds, tops of cabinets, and furniture, electronics, art and photos, ceiling fans, lampshades, etc.
• Clean the kitchen surfaces, backsplashes, and walls
• Clean the stovetop, oven and other small appliances
• Wipe down the refrigerator, inside and out - don’t forget the top and the coils.
• Deep clean the bathroom including walls and baseboards
• Vacuum the places you usually don’t – carpet edges, furniture, behind and under furniture.
• Mop hard floor surfaces

You don’t have to do it all in one day, so pace yourself. It’s also more fun when you get the entire family involved. The work will go faster and because they have been involved in the process, they will want to help maintain the order and cleanliness achieved.

If you get bogged down in the process of making decisions on what to keep and how to utilize your space efficiently, a professional organizer can guide you through this process and set up personalized systems to help you easily maintain the work you have done. Practical Solutions Professional Organizing provides organizing services for your home or office. Contact them at 909.810.3719 or visit them on the web at

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Cathy Bates is the owner of Practical Solutions Professional Organizing. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and has been organizing professionally since 2003. Practical Solutions does residential and commercial organization. Cathy is also available to speak to groups on getting organized. They serve the Southern California area, but can find you a qualified organizer to meet your needs no matter where you live. Visit them on the web at and sign up for their free monthly newsletter with tons of great information to help you get and stay organized.