Are we a human having a spiritual experience . . . or a spirit having a human experience? by Sheryl Jai

When we are committed to following a spiritual path, whatever it may be, situations in life still happen. The question is what to do about them, do you react or respond? How do you integrate being spiritual with being human? For me, this is a quest that has no answer. Seems that whenever I feel I’ve figured it all out, my life presents me with a situation in which there is no answer. As human being we are process oriented, as spirit beings we are whole and complete in every moment.

So you go along with your practices and find one day life is changing. Even though you’ve asked for things to change, when they come about different than what you have pictured or you think you’ve asked for, you cringe or resist, or sometimes even, dig in and want it your way. Let’s take love for example, a relationship is going along seemingly just fine, each committed to each other and themselves, small bumps get worked out well and are generally happy. Then one day, one says they are ready for something else in their life - a change. If the other one doesn’t readily agree it seems to be a conflict. I say this is not the case . . . breathe for a moment and let’s explore a bit deeper.

As a spiritual being, I hope one of your practices is being with yourself. . . space in a safe and nurturing environment. At this juncture, you take the possible conflict and breathe it within yourself. Watch for discomfort, angst, fear and the like. Allow that feeling to be in place, otherwise you will push it into resistance and then act unconsciously (react) around your mate, with possible damage to them and, ultimately, yourself. Instead, allow your feelings within you to percolate to the surface of your consciousness, heal them yourself and make your choice of what is best for you to do. If your commitment is to love AND the relationship, I believe this is the perfect time to grow yourself. If your commitment is to yourself, this again is a perfect time to grow and if your commitment is to God and to serve, this is also a perfect time to grow.

Now just choose for yourself which choice you’ve made so easily in the past in the same situation and evaluate how well that choice has worked out for you. Is it time to make a new choice? Remember each choice, as a spiritual being, is for the moment, the best choice for the moment and you must be wiling to be responsible for any consequences that choice has, in the moments to come. Staying in truth to your highest consciousness is what allows for change in a peaceful way. The ego just let’s go and you glide into the next phase of being more you. . . spiritually.

Now let’s take a look at the human being. When a partner makes a statement about now being a time for change that confronts you or doesn’t match your pictures of the relationship, the body reacts, the mind reacts and the emotional body reacts. Each one of these has a different reason for its reaction. The body is reacting to past memories of similar situations that didn’t go well, therefore, you will predict this one not going well and may not be in the place of wanting anything to change because of it. The mind reacts because its connection to the ego is wanting to make change in its own way, therefore an argument in-sues inside the mind, called confusion, which way to go, keep it or give it away and so on until chaos reigns within the mind and possibly a loss of energy or depression. The emotional body reacts in much the same way wherever any one of these situations has come up from the past and the solution was other than of your choosing, maybe someone forced a solution on you and you felt you had no choice, or you’ve chosen what you thought was a good choice and it didn’t work out well and the emotional body hasn’t healed from that situation, so it reacts. This is where wars come from, within nations, within people.

Integrating all these reactions within the spiritual being is the opportunity that is being presented here. How do you do that, what do you do? By being centered in the IAM and meditating on any change or situation, you can commit to yourself that you are in the right place at the right time and things will always work out, for the best. Within the peace of this knowing and allowing yourself to let go (or heal) of all past issues you stay in the moment and really begin to see fair, whole, healthy solutions to previously very difficult problems. When you are centered you are able to communicate well to your partner the feeling and rightness of your choice within the change that is being requested of you and your life participating with this partner. Once there are no pulls of resistance or reaction, solutions pop into existence, almost as though God were present in the room with you, miracles. And your relationship as well as yourself, grow.

There are many tools and techniques to assist our human selves into a centered and peaceful outlook. Contact Sheryl Jai to learn some of these tools and practice them on your way to your spiritual human being.

Author's Bio: 

Sheryl Jai, also known as Shazna (pronounced Shay-na) is the founder of The Jai Consciousness Foundation. An educational non-profit charitable foundation. Jai means victory in Sanskrit and earth in Greek. Its mission is to have victory for the earth and humanity through the education of consciousness, sacred living, peace and sustainability. She is also a Melchizedek Priestess, Reiki Master Teacher and Deeksha Giver and is blessed to carry the White, Golden, Violet and Blue rays for healing, grace, and action resonating to the Universal Principles, to be used practically in our everyday lives. She offers counseling, private sessions, long distance sessions, as well as group and personal retreats. You can reach her at or 541-210-2892 or 1-888-870-0727 toll free.