Some of the Most Romantic Dates are Free

Jetting off to a foreign land with the one you love or eating in a fancy French restaurant while violins serenade you tableside is very romantic. Can you afford this? Even if you can you may be missing out on some of the most romantic dates that can fill you with memories forever.

How many times have you asked yourself what you could do different on your next date? You know if you fumble around indecisively she may perceive you as less than confident.

Being unsure of yourself is not romantic and women do compare their dates with the dates of their friends. Consistently planning boring dates could lead to the final date. Be a leader, take charge and plan your dates with romance and thought, not necessarily with cash and credit cards.

An ice cream and magazine date is an inexpensive and fun way to laugh and learn about each other. Buy yours and hers favorite ice cream and head to a quiet spot in a park or garden.

Pints, or other small containers of ice cream would be best for this and don’t forget spoons and napkins. On your way to the site, pick up a couple of the tabloid magazines with stories of celebrities, UFOs or other strange happenings. Laugh at the ridiculous articles and don’t forget to share a nibble of each other’s ice cream…or each other.

Walks along the beach are always filled with romance. Hold hands, go barefoot and get your feet wet as you watch the waves crash. Yes, it does happen in real life too, not just the movies. And, who can resist a soft kiss as the sun slips slowly below the horizon.

Read poetry to each other. This can be done at home or in some romantic location near the water or flower garden. Don’t knock this idea until you’ve tried it. Also, each of you could try your hand at writing a poem about each other. Sipping on a little wine might make the verses flow a little more freely.

Just be together and talk. What, without the television on? Yes. Talk about each other’s goals in life, their dreams and plans for the future. Also talk about what’s going on in your current life, both the good and the bad. Share things that you’re grateful for and what you look for in a person you enjoy being with. Communicate.

Fill balloons with notes. This would work well in conjunction with the talk date if you plan ahead. Get several small balloons and stuff each of them with a note telling what you like about the person you’re with. It’s more fun and exciting if you give your friend a pin to burst the balloon as the note falls out.

Snuggle together on a rainy day as you fondue chocolate strawberries and marshmallows.
Swap out back and foot massages with warm massage oil. Warning: This could lead to repeat performances. Some of the best things in life are free and that goes for best dates too.

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