What a historic time it is!

The election that took place yesterday had the biggest turn-out in history. No matter who you voted for, you had a tremendous opportunity to get your voice heard. This has been an interesting and engaging election and I would like to congratulate John McCain for his run, he has definitely shown that he's a fighter. And also to Sarah Palin who showed that she can be tough but also a warm and compassionate human being as well.

After watching the election yesterday and hearing the great speech of Barack Obama, it made me very proud to be an American....and even more proud to be African-American. Being an African American and less experienced than the other candidates, Barack Obama endured much criticism. Becoming a Relationship Coach I had encountered criticism myself, and not much of it was constructive. But I continued to push and do what I felt was good for people....to help them create a better relationship with their partner. And when I started to BELIEVE that I could, I attracted clients, subscribers to my newsletters, as well as support from other relationship counselors.

So this is what I would like to say to you....

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't be what you want to be or do what you want to do in life. If you have a gift that you would like to show to the world...then use it. Whether it's through writing, speaking, singing, or acting whatever your abilities are...showcase it to the world. Follow your passion and understand that you are the creator of your own life...make the most of it.

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