So you want to buy a new car. Problem is you really don’t have much experience dealing with car sales people and dealerships, well get you pads and sharpen your pencils im going to give you in my opinion the best vehicle purchasing advise you will ever receive.

What makes me an expert? I’ve been selling cars since I was 18 years old. It’s what I know best. With that in mind here are my top 6 tips for anyone looking purchase a new car.

1. Know your role in the game. The sales persons job is hold on to as much profit as he can for the dealership, your job is get the best possible deal.

2. Never ever, ever, ever beat up on your salesperson, get them on your side. The last thing you want when trying to get a deal is a salesperson who thinks you are a jerk. Salespeople will most of the time work very hard for people they like and respect and they may even forfeit a portion of their commission. You may be thinking that it doesn’t matter if the salesperson likes you or not, but it does. Treat your salesperson the way you would want to be treated at work

3. Put your cards on the table. I know you have heard things like hide the trade till the end of negotiating, or don’t say anything about money down but the truth is your transaction will run allot smoother if you let your dealership know what your goals are and wether or not you will purchase at those terms. Do not have a dealership work up numbers if you are not really ready for a purchase, your wasting your time and theirs. In todays market vehicle programs change almost daily, rebates, interest rates, terms, discounts all are only good for that day when you get your numbers. If the salesperson shows you a sweet deal don’t be afraid to pull the trigger.

4. Always test drive the vehicle you are interested in. Make sure to test it on the high way and on some curvy roads.

5. Don’t try to steal the car. What do I mean? Don’t try to make the dealership lose money to earn your business. Why? Because of the service you will need, that’s why. Your salesperson can get you preferred treatment in the service department, faster appointments, discounted parts, and free rental vehicles. Also remember most sales professionals have a huge network, if you need help buying a house in the future they probably know someone who can help you, better car insurance rates and so on. None of these services will be offered to a customer who took every penny of profit away from the dealership. So unless you plan on tipping your salesperson in cash, try to let him or her earn a little bit of a living, remember vehicle mark ups are only around $500-$1000. So what’s more important to you? $5 a month in discounts or a lifetime of great customer service?

6. Be realistic. Please understand that an 11 year old vehicle with 100k miles is not worth more than $300. Please understand that buying a $30,000 S.U.V for $200 a month is impossible with no money down. Please understand if you have bad credit you will be limited as to what kind of vehicle you can purchase and last please understand that you can only negotiate so much, for some reason people think that it is ok for a dealership to discount a car $10,000. Let me ask you this, when you go grocery shopping do you ask for a discount then? How about clothing or jewelry? All of those items have a larger mark up percentage wise than any vehicle in America. Be a smart shopper a reasonable shopper.

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Eduardo M Rodriguez is a leading natioan sales and business trainer. His primary area of focus is internet sales and marketing.
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