70% of Slow Food Nation’s tickets have been sold to date, and the enthusiasm here in San Francisco is mounting!

Not sure about what’s happening when? A comprehensive event schedule is now available at

Keep an eye out for the Beautifull food booth. The Real Good Project, soon to be known as Beautifull, will be hosting a booth at the event, handing out samples, materials, giving away prizes and other great stuff.

Please support this Northern California company who is trying to change the way people think about food. Let all your friends and family know about

I am very interested in Climate Change and Food since cows produce the most CO2, not cars. I rarely eat beef and am cutting back on meat consumption since I've learned what Factory Farms put in most livestock and how much pollution they create.

Ingrid Cheng
Slow Food Member

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Ingrid is a certified Yoga teacher and Eco-activist.