You may not be aware of it, but singing is good for your heart. Really! When you sing you have better oxygenation, you reduce stress and can alleviate anxiety and depression. These things boost your immune system and make you feel good.

And, when you sing with a group of friends, those benefits are increased. It becomes impossible to go away from time spent singing with friends unhappy or stressed out. Also, how well you sing has absolutely no bearing on all those positive effects, or how much fun you have!

I recently became involved with the Global Coherence Project ( through an organization called Heart Math. Hearth Math ( has done a lot of research on the healing power of a heart that is in coherence. Coherence is basically (very basically!) the evenness and depth of your heartbeat.

You may already know that emotions such as love, compassions, gratitude, joy etc. create coherence. On the other hand, when we are angry, frustrated, worried, fearful or resentful our heartbeats become incoherent. It can be very important to your health to know how to feel the emotions that will bring about coherence. Singing is a potent mood changer and enhancer.

In their studies they found that people who meditate a lot, like monks and TM practitioners, have a very high level of coherence and greatly reduced stress levels. Chanting is a regular significant practice of many monks. Heart Math ( has developed a little device that can measure the indicators of heart coherence and gives biofeedback information with beautiful lights and little bell sounds. This little device can help people who are stressed out to develop heart coherence by giving biofeedback indicators.

The reason I’m writing you today is because I want to let you know about the work of the Global Coherence Initiative. This project has done studies with Random Event Generators (one was at Princeton University) and found that groups of people who are in coherence and exuding that concurrently have an effect on the energy of the planet and events on the planet. The GCI wants to do more studies and train people in coherence in order to bring about positive energy fields on the planet. They are looking for more people to participate. You can go to to find out more if you are interested.

The remarkable thing is that I got the little biofeedback device from Heart Math yesterday and found out that my heartbeat is very coherent. I do meditate some, but definitely not like a monk! I attribute my coherence to singing. I know it makes me happy and love everyone and I know it lowers my stress and boosts my immune system. Now I also know that singing helps make my heart more coherent and can contribute to world peace. Now, I think that is pretty cool.

Blessings and Happy Trails,

Robin Kissinger

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Author's Bio: 

Robin Kissinger has performed (piano) in chamber music concerts on stages in London, Budapest, Seoul and around the United States. For 26 years she taught in colleges and universities around Baltimore, MD – teaching piano and coaching opera workshop and chamber music. She founded, directed and performed in the acclaimed (in Maryland) contemporary chamber music ensemble, Polaris, for four years and premiered compositions written for her cellist partner and herself.

Over the past 15 years Robin has been studying the power of vocal sound with many teachers, including Don Campbell (The Mozart Effect) and various indigenous teachers. Robin has conducted many workshops in the power of song and chant and leads a group that meets every Sunday night (from 7-9pm) in Monument, Colorado. She has also assisted in healing ceremonies with indigenous elders at sacred sites using her knowledge of the power of song and chant.