"Lay your story down." ~ H. Janice Mark

Janice, my business associate and muse, and I have discussed "story" many times. Most of us were well trained to focus on our stories... the details, frustrations, anxieties, and stress of daily life.

Remember, what you focus on is what you create in your own life.

~My co-worker is always sooooo annoying. She is rude, slow, and spends too much time chatting on the phone.
~My child won't listen to me. He is lazy, messy, stubborn, etc.
~My husband doesn't pay attention to me. He's so self-centred, inconsiderate, insensitive, etc.
~I never have enough money. I can't do that... it's too expensive.
~I hate... (my daughter's new boyfriend, my job, my apt., you fill in the blank.)

What story do you want to write? "Lay your story down" and create a new one. As you change your story, you will find that you no longer have the same desire to focus on story at all.

Instead, your attention is placed on this moment in time... not what happend yesterday and not what might happen tomorrow. You can live fully and joyfully, right now.

You can become adept at discerning what action, in this moment, is most aligned with your core BEing... what you are meant to do now... what will bring the most beauty and bounty into your life when you take this step now.

Even a crisis can bring the opportunity to lay your story down, notice and experience the loving energy that ripples out in amazing and unexpected waves, when we're not attached to the outcome.

Have you ever gone through a crisis (losing a job, illness, the dissolution of a relationship, having to start over financially) and found that the end results brought a better job, a richer relationship with someone new (or perhaps a greater relationship with yourself?) or a more fulfilling life overall?

When my marriage dissolved ten years ago, I remember feeling as if all of the known and expected had been thrown right out the window (as it had) and I wasn't sure what would replace that. I had to let go of the familiar and make my way into the unknown. How can I make a living and feel fulfilled? How can I best support my children emotionally through the transition? How can I ensure that I "release" my ex-husband and wish him a life of joy and fulfilling "new" of his own? How can I become all that I can be to transform my life by viewing this as an opportunity... a fresh start? Those kinds of questions supported me in my own evolution.

When I experienced a severe infection after a simple surgery, nurses came twice daily to take care of the wound. It took six months to recover... I had resigned from my "good" job when I was at my weakest point, I went within to focus on healing and journeying. I was forced to stop all activity... to be still and pay attention to what my inner wisdom was trying to tell me. That experience led me to the perfect resources and people to birth thezoneunlimited and create the Perpetual Sync' program. The evolution continues.

When my son had a car crash and two of his friends were thrown from the vehicle, which had rolled end over end in a corn field, the initial news was shocking and frightening... it looked as if the young woman could face paralysis. I spoke to the other parents and, wondrously, they were including my son, not physically injured, in their prayers, even before they knew the outcome for their own children. Within a week, both the other kids were home in braces, and walking. So much love and compassion rippled out... so many were touched... the energy was magnificent, and the necessary tasks and actions just took on a life of their own, managed by Source, in perfect ways. Miracles do happen.

Share your experience... how did it further your evolution? How did you navigate the challenges? How did it change how you view glitches now? Give me a call at 1.866.892.1892 and tell me about it.

Author's Bio: 

Kimberley Simon, founder of thezoneunlimited.com, where what if, becomes what is, through Perpetual Synchronicity, a course of Love.