We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.
~ Anais Nin

Living in Grace takes commitment to practise a new way of thinking and BEing. We have been so well trained to focus on our old story and believe that the story is reality ... and so it will be. To start living in grace, change the story in this moment, no matter what you see around you and no matter what happened in the past (that is our only "work").

Pay very close attention to your thoughts and shift away from those old, imprinted beliefs that enter your mind out of habit. When you notice a negative thought that isn't aligned with your vision or with how you want to live, change that thought. Focus on a better one that is more aligned with your inner wisdom.

We only have this moment to Live with a capital "L". Yesterday is done and over with if we refuse to dwell there in our mind, or we can linger there for days, weeks, or years. Tomorrow is always a day away. What we want to create has to begin with NOW. How we view this moment will affect all of our tomorrows.

Hone your thoughts and actions so that they are consistent with your vision. Consistency in thought and divinely inspired action are key. We can sabotage our lives when we lack that consistency and scatter our energy and focus. Integrity is also key. If I want to be paid in full and on time, do I pay my bills that way, even if I can only manage the minimum payment right now? If I want to feel heard, am I a good listener?

Evaluate your way of BEing. Are you sending out what you want to bring in? BE what you wish now, Live "as if" with great expectancy. You don't need to learn more, lose weight, find a life partner, or (you fill in the blanks) to start living in grace right now. If I want to join a gym but feel unable to pay the fees, what is it I really want? If I want to feel physically active and fit, I CAN take a daily walk now, with the resources available to me today. Take steps to bridge the gap and find fulfillment in this moment.

Spend one month noticing old, habitual thoughts and shift away from them. Replace them with thoughts that bring alignment. If you can’t shift from the negative thoughts, do something else that brings you pleasure … pet a cat, read a book, sit in the sun and feel its warmth, laugh with a child, etc.

Go overboard with gratitude ... place your attention on all that you can give thanks for including the smallest thing, like finding a penny on a sidewalk. Know that that penny is the first sign of abundant flow. Write down your gratitudes and new thoughts to ground them cellularly as you practise. Expressing gratitude for everything that is here now can make room for the "more" that is meant for you. When you think something is "wrong", briefly notice that glitch and ask yourself "What is right? What is working?" Commit to a month of this "work” and see what starts to show up at your door.

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Author's Bio: 

After 18 years in the nonprofit sector, Kimberley Simon entered the coaching profession and developed a program of Perpetual Sync' that teaches the Art of Living in Grace.

Kimberley has a BA in Sociology, is CTI trained in the co-active coaching model, is a certified Webmaster, and is currently working on her capstone project for an MA in Business Communication.