Self-confident people generate money.
Self-confident people are filled with optimism and positive
thoughts. They have an "i can" attitude towards life and think it
is possible to do great things. They are an asset to the
organization they work for as they can be given tasks that demand
greater responsibility and accountability.

They hence keep up the quality, which in turn helps their
employers to reap greater profits and thus contribute to the
well being of both employees and the employer.

People like bill gates have contributed
millions of dollars to the economies of their countries and have
been involved in lots of philanthropic work worldwide as well.

Self-confident people generate jobs.
self-confident people are natural risk takers and have enough
courage to pursue their innovative dreams. Self-confident people
often work very hard for the dreams they believe in and often end
up as becoming successful entrepreneurs. They create a lot of
jobs for others by their innovative business ventures.

Though edison faced a lot of difficulties as a child, his
mother ensured that his self-confidence did not die. She made
all efforts to encourage him and see him become successful.
Today ge started by edison is one of the world's most competitive
corporate organizations and is a hugely admired employer of
thousands of people

Self-confident people make the nation self dependent
entrepreneurs are a great catalyst of growth in any country. They
do not sit idly waiting for the government reforms to come and
pull them out. Instead they work out innovative ideas, which have
commercial feasibility as well. They share the burden of the
state by employing other people and giving them jobs.

It saves the government lots of effort and money that could have
been wasted in providing for the jobless youth. The money saved
can then be routed to other developmental works for the benefit of
all. The country does not need to borrow from the organisations
like the world bank and can deal with its developmental affairs

Self-confident people present a better image of the nation.
A nation of busy people conducting their day-to-day affairs is
much better picture than having unemployed people taking on bad
habits and creating a nuisance.

Self-confident people are the face of any country, signifying
optimism, hard work, determination and self-reliance. This
helps the country to portray a picture of hope, dynamism,
and growth to foreign investors who would like to conduct
business activity and invest money in the country.
This help create more and more jobs and a culture of
hard work and achievement.

Self-confident people develop a habit of winning.
Failure is an addiction and so is winning. It is just a matter of
putting your efforts and thoughts in the right direction to
become a winner and self-confident people do just that.

A positive thought and self-confidence is what is needed to
take an initiative, and a small achievement becomes the source
of energy.

This energy also gives a boost to the self-confidence of a person
to take on a bigger leap and get successful.

Thus every achievement breeds another initiative for yet another

Self-confident people help other people achieve their dreams.
A person other than having the feeling of kindness and compassion
for fellow human beings should also have enough resources or the
ability to create resources to be able to help other people for
the same.

Self-confident people therefore are willing to give a
helping hand to people and pull them up.

Self-confident people are an inspiration to others.
self-confident people succeed on both their professional and
personal fronts. Self-confident people are respected and often
spark others to perform as well and serve as a great inspiration
for other people.

People take a lesson from their struggles and their ability to
turn failure into achievement.

Self-confident people strengthen the fabric of society.
An idle mind is a devil's workshop. Self-confident people in a
way save the society from the devil by being busy and involved in
constructive activities. People tend to get inspired from self-
confident people and the general atmosphere becomes that of hard
work and achievement. Such an environment is conducive for growth
and development and self-confident people should be given every
credit for the same.

This overall movement raises the overall self-confidence of the
nation and makes it more competitive and a confident participant
in the world economic scenario.

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