Now is the time to review how you did on your goals from last did have goals, right?!!

If not, NOW is the time to set your goals for 2008. Begin your goals list with MY LIFE IS GOING TO BE GREAT IN 2008!!

Quick Tips For Setting Goals

Before you start writing down your goals, here is a simple list of what a goal should be.

A goal is a dream with a deadline.
A goal is something you're committed to accomplishing.
A goal is a dream you are willing to work for.
It's specific--it's a clearly stated objective.
It's measurable. You'll know when you've achieved it.
It's worthwhile--to YOU. It must be worthy of your best.
A goal is personal -- it's yours-- not something that someone has on you.
Your first goal to accomplish is putting together your "Success Book".
If you have not already started one, start writing down everything you have accomplished in your life starting back to the very basics. Some examples - walking, talking, riding a bike, passing a class, making something, first job, any awards, being promoted from 1st grade to 2nd grade etc., you get the idea. No accomplishment is too small to write down. It was all of these accomplishments that have helped you to be where you are at right now.
Why an accomplishment book? Two reasons. First, we need to remind ourselves that we are a "work in progress" and that we should be proud of everything we have done to get here. Second, and most important, we need this book when we get down and discouraged. Those times when we try something and it doesn't work out like we have planned and feel like a failure. This is the perfect time to pull your book out and remind yourself of ALL the things you have already accomplished and whatever got you feeling down is just a temporary setback that you will eventually use to help you with your next accomplishment...that you will be writing in your book!

Now is the time to re-energize your goals and dreams and make 2008 GREAT!!

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Joe Kahler is widely recognized as a leading expert on helping young adults successfully transition from home to being “out on their own”.
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