Transitioning Lifestyles and Changes handles everything. TLC will arrange transportation, run estate sales, move you out and then, move you in.
We'll pack, un-pack, ship, or, put unwanted items and furniture out for consignment. We 'll handle ANYTHING you need done, to make the transition, as easy as possible.

Ask for references from satisfied new friends mentioned elsewhere, read their testimonials. They have learned first hand...“TLC DOES what they say they're going to do, at the price quoted, and, SHOW UP, when promised.”

Our services include:

• Estate Closing
• Pre-Move Planning
• Right-sizing for New Home
• Packing
• Shipping
• Cleaning
• Painting
• Carpentry
• Carpeting
• Plumbing
• Handyman Items
• Opening and Closing Second Homes
• Selling or Donating Unneeded Items
• Unpacking+Organizing New Home
• Handling Move Administration
• Assisting with Realtor or Attourney Selection

Pre-Move Planning
Sorting, organizing, determining what to take or give to family, developing floor plan of new living space

Disposal of Unneeded Items
Selling belongings or arranging charity pick-up

Packing, Moving, Shipping
Assisting in mover and shipper selection, packing items for shipping or moving

Unpacking & Organizing New Home
Unpacking Belongings, Arranging Clothes and Linen Closets, Making Beds, Organizing Kitchen, Placing Furniture, Setting Up Computer, Clocks and Telephones

Preparing Former Residence for Sale
Cleaning, Painting, Hanging New Blinds, Inexpensively Modernizing

Handling Move Administration
Contacting Utility Companies, Forwarding Mail and Magazines, Transferring Prescriptions, Changing Address

Estate Closure
Facilitating estate closure for family members in other states and local.

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Ackerman Hirsch is the founder of Transitioning Lifestyles & Changes (TLC), LLC. An Elder Care advocate, she is committed to working with seniors and their families. Nancy is a member of NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers), the Advisory Council Area Agency on Aging, and the Dade County Coalition on Aging.

She believes strongly in what she does and feels TLC 's services are unique to the ever increasing “Baby Boomer” and “Sandwich Generation,” as attested to by the overwhelming response from the general population and media in South Florida. She wants to share her thoughts and services with you as she is confident there are many benefits to what TLC provides.