Why is this called the Sensory Resonance Method?

We're using Burt Goldman's positive rhythm method to resonate with specific intense sensory imagery which we gain through cognitive psychology methods.

Cognitive psychology is a branch of psychology that investigates internal mental processes such as problem solving, memory, and language.

I've read "Your Invisible Power," the premiere manual on the Law of Attraction by Genevieve Behrend. I've listened to different EFT Practitioners, self improvement experts, and even mind control experts.

Very few of them explain the simple process of cognition to awaken and synthesize intense sensory imagery, yet this is how everyone's mind works. All of these experts are asking people to draw upon their memories of success to enhance those memories and synthesize a successful vision, but few of them are providing the necessary details of how to do this through cognition.

According to Ulric Neisser who coined the term, cognitive psychology, "...the term 'cognition' refers to all processes by which the sensory input is transformed, reduced, elaborated, stored, recovered, and used. It is concerned with these processes even when they operate in the absence of relevant stimulation, as in images and hallucinations..."

Application of Cognition

For example, visual thinkers scan upper left and right with their eyes. Auditory thinkers scan middle left and right. Kinesthetic thinkers scan lower left and right. These are our natural cognitive processing abilities.

You are going to use your God-given cognitive abilities to impart intense sensory detail to your vision, then apply Burt's positive rhythm method to resonate with your vision in order to amplify it.

Although we make use of all our cognitive processing, we all have a proclivity towards one type of thinking. Except for gifted artists and scientists, most people are visual thinkers. Sometimes neural pathways get crossed for the extremely gifted. For example, auditory information gets sensed as visual stimulation and stored visually.

Whatever your strength as a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic thinker, you should focus on your strongest cognitive ability to further intensify your sensory imagery.

When you glance to the left, you are taking advantage of left brain activities where information is stored, reduced, and recovered. When you glance to the right, you are using right brain activities for transforming and elaborating information. Remember: Glance left for logical recall, glance right for creative transformation, defocus your eyes towards the middle is for synthesis.

When you stare straight ahead as in daydreaming, you are synthesizing information, or completely imagining a different reality. During the Sensory Resonance Method we are using cause, effect, and synthesis of intense sensory imagery.

Step by Step Sensory Resonance Method

To make this easy for everyone, let's imagine that your goal is to market flying saucers to the world. You have to imagine beyond the technology itself. Imagine how such an application would fit into human society in solving problems and improving everyone's lives.

    • Visual Recall: Glance to your upper left. Recall the pollution coming from all the traffic on the road and in the air and coal burning power plants coming from dark age technology. This pollution is caused by internal combustion engines. Do you see the smoke and irritants getting spread into the air, onto farm animals and plants and into people's lungs? Do you see the health problems with burning carbon based fuels?

      As you imagine these things, you are tapping above your heart with your right hand, but slowly and in dissonance in contrast to your heartbeat because these are things you don't like, a problem you would like to solve.

      Have you ever seen a flying saucer? If yes, great. Remember what it looks like then tap faster in resonance with your heartbeat because you see this possible solution to pollution in your mind's eye.

    • Visual Transformation: Glance to your upper right. Imagine that the polluting engines have been replaced with a space age technology. Imagine clean energy engines in cars, trucks, planes, and power plants. Tap faster and in resonance with your heartbeat as you see how the world becomes life positive, as human society uses energy technology that works with nature.

      The more you see problems being solved, the faster and more in resonance you tap with your heartbeat.

    • Auditory Recall: Glance towards your left ear. Remember the loud, bustling noise from all the busy traffic on the road. You know how ear piercing the engines are at the airport. Have you ever heard a coal fired power plant? It's as loud as noon time freeway traffic and just as polluting. As you recall these sounds, tap in slow dissonance with your heartbeat.
    • Auditory Transformation: Glance towards your right ear. Have you every heard a flying saucer - other than the movies? If not, then try to imagine a motor in an electric car which is relatively silent. Isn't life so much more peaceful and less stressful without all that noise? There's just the tranquil hum coming from advanced technology. Tap faster and in resonance with your heartbeat as you recall these soft, relaxing, harmonic sounds, like music to your ears.
    • Kinesthetic Recall: Glance to your lower left. Remember experiencing fumes and feelings of nausea during stopped traffic on the freeway. As you tap in slow dissonance to the smell of exhaust filling your lungs, you feel the irritating pollution from dark age technology overcoming your well being. You can't take anymore of this. You prefer clean, green energy technology that doesn't pollute your lungs and make you feel like you're about to take your last breath.
    • Kinesthetic Transformation: Glance to your lower right. Imagine breathing only clean, fresh air in the middle of stopped traffic. The cool wind blowing up your nostrils is refreshing because there's far less heat from the advanced engines in all the vehicles. Tap in fast resonance with your heartbeat because you feel uplifted and free from the irritations associated with dark age technology.
    • Synthesis: Completely defocus and relax your eyes. Relax your jaw. Breathe deeply and naturally as you tap in harmony with your breath. Imagine the origins of this advanced energy technology. Imagine how it got there. Flying saucers work the same way, so it must have come from flying saucers.
      Imagine how much more efficient people would be in their lives if they could just get into a flying saucer and be at their destination on the other side of the world within a few minutes. Imagine how advanced humanity would be in general if we used flying saucers to travel to the farthest reaches of space, how we could settle other earth type worlds and build further civilizations into the farthest reaches of the galaxy.


That was an extreme example of how to use the Sensory Resonance Method. Absurd imagery usually sticks better in the mind and is easier to recall. Harry Lorayne proves this in his book, How to Develop a Super Power Memory. Absurdity in the mind's eye helps you with creativity. Don't be worried about contemplating something ridiculous in your mind's eye like a child.

When you were a child, your power of attraction was at it's strongest because your imagination coupled with your passion was at it's strongest. You still have to be mature, but don't waste the child-like essence that is at the core of your power of attraction.

I'm asking you to take advantage of your God-Given gifts for attracting the things you want in life; this includes intense sensory imagery. The greatest geniuses who have ever lived have never lost this child-like quality, but you are one of the few who now know how to use the Sensory Resonance Method.

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Learn more esoteric methods for personal development at HealingMindN.com by author, Randolph Fabian Directo, certified Oriental Sports Trainer with bachelors in functional therapy. He has researched and practiced the most arcane yet effective self improvement exercises from ancient cultures for more than 20 years while uncovering advanced technologies to help improve human society.