One of the greatest challenges we have as human beings is the pre-programming that we have gone through in our past.

It is this pre-programming that creates so many blocks to allow us to fulfill dreams, wishes, and to manifest the positives that we desire.

What we need to realise is that the Universe is nothing more than energy, and energy can be bent and shaped to our desires.

When we are in alignment with that energy, we can accomplish and rise above so many of these self-imposed blocks that we have.

Often we do not realise that we have blocks. But a block could be something that has been created from infancy and a time that we can not remember. Maybe Uncle Bob says someone is “daft” when they are a child. This child may then grow to have “learning disabilities”. Those disabilities may not truly be “there”, but rather a psychological function of words spoken that have had deep setting creation.

When a seed is planted, it does not necessarily start growing immediately. It could lay dormant for a period of time, and when a rain shower hits it, the physiology of that seed begins to change. There is a chemical reaction which occurs and stirs in the seed. If there is fertilizer present in the soil, it will create a faster reaction.

So too humans are like seeds, or at least ideas and ideologies. Maybe Uncle Bob calls someone “daft” when they are two or three. He has planted a seed. That seed might not “sprout” until the child starts school and kids and/or teachers may make suggestions or comments that act as water and possibly even fertilizer to that original planted seed. As this individual gets older, that seed can take on a life of itself in growing a plant by self-talk and self-belief.

This is often how these “seeds” end up gaining a life of their own which can affect esteem, belief in self, belief in others, trust, and so much more, until eventually, the whole psyche is overgrown by words, thoughts, images, and actions that perpetuated from this one seed.

All too often, many of us don’t even realize or know what these “seeds” are, and how it is that no matter how one tries to manifest the positive, it simply does not work.

Once we can recognize and understand the seed, then we can begin to cut down the over-growth. During consultations with me, clients will often have to “clear” away some (or a LOT) of that over growth before we can get down to the root level and edge it out.

Realise that when you are in-line with the energies of the Universe, God, Spirit, Allah, Creator, Elohim, whatever name you wish to lend it, manifestations will begin to occur faster and faster. Once your ideas are ready to take flight, you will notice how fast your manifestations are being realized.

The reason why we will often say “start small”, because each time you realize a small manifestation, and your excitement mounts, it is THAT FEELING that you need to harness. That “feeling” will get you through times where you may want to give up on a manifestation, or give in to a negative thought.

Understand that when manifesting something, there is no difference between manifesting a cup of coffee, or a million dollars, or a relationship, or great health. It is all the same energy. So in the same way that you manifested a cup of coffee, is the exact same way, and same steps as manifesting an incredible relationship to you, etc.

Being in alignment with the Universe and knowing exactly what it is you wish and desire to manifest, once removing all doubt, and past “seeds”, you will begin to start seeing how fast your desires and wishes are coming to reality.

Author's Bio: 

Leyla Hur is an Empowerment Mentor and Inspirational Motivator, as well as the host of the widely popular weekly internet radio show, “Manifesting the Positive”. Leyla is a co-author in the book “Strategies for Success” together with Chicken Soup for the Soul co-creator, Jack Canfield; featured in The Secret, Marie Diamond; and other leading experts in their field. For more information about Leyla, or to contact Leyla for consultations, please visit