A lot of people in the UK suffer from spinal deformities and is very difficult for them to obtain non-surgical treatment in England. The purpose of this article is to draw people's attention to the fact that intensive rehabilitation treatment for people with scoliosis really exist in London.
Treatment based on the Schroth method has been used successfully in Europe since 1921, but still is relatively unheard of in the UK.
Idiopathic Scoliosis is associated with increased back pain, reduced pulmonary function and this increase risk of shortness of breath, poor self- image and poor quality of life.

The Schroth method uses intensive rehabilitation treatment to:

1/decrease pain,
2/improve pulmonary function,
3/improve the symmetry of your posture and importantly help prevent spinal curvatures from progressing.

This treatment is recommended for children and adults, but is not recommended for babies and children under 8 years old. Never is too late for treatment, but is very important to diagnose scoliosis early and start treatment as soon as possible. Parents should be aware that regular spine check up is essential to prevent scoliosis in children, especially during puberty where deformities can develop.


If scoliosis is neglected, the curves might progress dramatically. What is more, improperly treated scoliosis may lead to disabilities, neurological disorders, permanent disabilities with circulatory and respiratory problems.
That is why early detection is essential.!

Joanna Slup
Chartered Physiotherapist
Certified Schroth therapist

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Chartered Physiotherapist
Certified Schroth therapist
Registered with the Health Professions Council