There is in each of us, more than a meager desire to journey to the end of the rainbow to claim that pot of gold. Strange are the feelings we unearth when contemplating the discovery of riches. Nerves expose a thrill that tinkles the spine, hearts pound rapidly as adrenalin swells our limbs, senses are enhanced with a feeling of urgency and trust turns sour as doubt and jealousy become prevalent. The agitation of not yet possessing all we desire to own takes hold our thinking and ironically births a willingness to labor, both day and night, just so we can have all the material things we desire. The illusion that treasure equals power and wealth has led more men astray than any other ambition of humankind.

What is the greater treasure, the fulfillment of life recognized by the standards of society, the successful achievement in matters that others consider worthy, or is it more pragmatically the simplicity of living life in a manner of one’s own choosing? To begin and end each day-to inhale its onset with desire; to have the energy to accomplish all that is possible and then, to exhale its end with complacency and satisfaction is to me ‘the greatest treasure of all’. I am thankful and appreciate every morning I wake, and for no other reason than the fact-I am still alive: for the real treasure is having the opportunity to live and to share another moment of life.

If one ceased dreaming, one would surely stagnate. To stop the mind from reaching for something beyond today’s comprehension would stifle growth and debase the quality of life. Dare to always dream, for as long as dreams exist the flame of life still glows and assuredly as the sleeping volcano has potential to erupt into a fiery inferno…so too can your dreams stimulate your life. Without them, we are nothing and would live an obscured existence from day to day (about as exciting as a blank piece of paper).

Dreams are not something to achieve youth transpired, or to consummate the quality of life, rather they are a means to evolve and change. They keep us reaching, stretching and climbing, striving for a quality to justify our existence. Dreams should never outgrow us, instead they should keep pace with us for their power is meant to instill and guide not drive or compel.

Do not allow the frustration of an extended finish line to your dream lesson its pleasure; for the sincere dreamer is interested more in the trip and less the goal or end result. Take sustenance in the accomplishment of others, be inspired through them and not measured by them, rest when you are made weary, and stand tall as you walk. When you feel alone, lost and without the energy to continue-‘tis then you should dig deeply into that vault of inspiration and emerge with the fiery soul of a warrior, face your adversaries and prevail.

The time allotted each in the ranks of the living is limited, so don’t waste yours living someone else’s life. Once all is said, done, and recorded, he who followed his dreams will have found infinitely more reward than he who abandons them.

Author's Bio: 

Paul, the author of "OH Brother" was born in July of 1945, in the then unmapped and sparsely populated town of Leominster, Massachusetts. He volunteered for military service at the age of 17 and served as a United States Marine from April of '63 through July of '67-when he was honorably discharged a decorated veteran of the Vietnam Era. A father to four, published poet and retired master pressman, Paul now resides at his home on picturesque Naukeag Lake in Ashburnham, MA., where he pens away his retirement years freelance writing prose, poetry, and short stories.