Ahhhh, those summer days! What a great time for sun, fun and fabulous tasting food. And what a great time for fast & easy grilling ... everything from the main entree to the side dish to the dessert. The best part is that all can be done naturally and healthfully AND in "fast-food" time!

Simple & savory as in the case of grilled wild Alaskan Salmon fillets. For a delicious gourmet flavor just rub fillets with your favorite combination of herbs and seasonings. Mine include Celtic sea salt, Mrs. Dash's Chilpolte Pepper mix, organic garlic powder, fresh organic dillweed and a pinch of organic curry. Then lightly spread each side with a mixture of canola mayo and honey dijon mustard. Grill on one side for approximately 7 minutes. Turn fish and grill remaining side for 2 minutes. FANTASTIC!

It's easy to grill fresh veggies and fruit when using a special grill pan. This is a pan that has small holes enabling you to stir without losing any of those important florets or apple slices. Top fresh, grilled, seasonal veggies with a special dressing of olive oil, mustard, fresh garlic and natural sweetner or honey. Grilled fruit can be drizzled over organic vanilla ice cream or topped with a natural whipped cream or granola.

Be sure to use natural charwood in place of conventional charcoal. Packages are readily available in most natural foods and some conventional stores. The charwood is ignited and flame encouraged by paper or paper towel, torn and placed strategically between the wood chunks. You'll appreciate the taste of a truly grilled meal without the added flavor (cough!) and fumes of toxic lighter fluid.

Enjoy a refreshing, iced beverage of herbal tea combined with the juice of natural, organic lemons. Sweeten with a natural sweetener such as Stevia or Xylitol.

It's so easy to eat and drink well in the summer. Enjoy!

Author's Bio: 

K.C. Thorson has been preparing whole, natural and organic foods for more than 20 years. She has developed hundreds of recipes and ideas for fast, easy & delicious ways to incorporate whole and natural foods into everyday life. As K.C.'s Kafe, she educates busy professionals and families on how to "cook from scratch, in "fast-food" time by conducting classes, demonstations and presentations targeted to groups, individuals and businesses.