A well run sales meeting can have an incredible impact on the confidence and development of your team. Conversely, badly run meetings will under-mine your leadership and retard the growth of your team.

It is possible to influence your employees simply by how you conduct a sales meeting - this is a much subtler method of coaching, as subliminal messages are to advertising and - if done correctly - as effective.

The structure, poise, professionalism and candor required for a great sales appointment must also be present in a great sales meeting. So, by running great meetings you are providing your team with a real-life example of how to run great appointments.

Your ability to create an environment that is receptive to this type of meeting is the first step in your team's growth.

The general rules for a successful meeting are:

Be consistent - with time, place and content.

Be prepared - spend time developing the content of the meeting and use an agenda.

Be concise - Be selective in your agenda items, if you can accomplish your goals in thirty minutes then do so.

Be respectful - avoid last minute changes, last minute cancelations or not being prepared. Never keep them waiting for you.

Be creative - Bring new ideas to the table as often as possible.

Be empowering - Give your employees opportunities to develop content and/or present to the group.

Be demanding - Demand that each member of the team becomes fully engaged in the meeting, to be prepared, to be on time, to know their business and to be positive.

In the second article on this subject we will review using meetings to increase your team's knowledge and confidence.

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