Resonance Repatterning and Stress Management
Kimberly Rex, MS Certified Resonance Repatterning practitioner at

The Resonance Repatterning System 㦠is a process which relies on information within our body-mind to access where we have unresolved material within our lives where there has been a trauma, shock or disruption of energy. Our body is a map of our life experiences. When stress is created by a build-up of events, an unresolved situation, a loss, or thoughts which create worry and pain, this may be in fact a message that the issue is related to unconscious patterns, beliefs and attitudes. Pain in Resonance Repatterning is disrupted or blocked energy flow. Where energy is blocked, we lose life energy, and the ability to be in the present moment.

According to Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, we have over 4 billion bits of information traveling into our Nervous System every second. We can process only about 10% of that information consciously. The rest of this information gets stored in the body down to the cellular level. The cells of our body have a binary response. When the environment within is safe, the cells create more life energy and communicate with the other cells and systems of the body. When the cells experience significant stress, they shut down which affects the communication between the systems of the body and disrupts or blocks life energy.
I spoke recently with a client recently who let me know that she had been shut down for many years after processing the death of her husband, and after a session, felt as though she had suddenly woken up. She was considering moving on with her life, and wondered why it had felt as though she had been asleep for so long!
When working with the Resonance Repatterning System, we are relying on information from our Nervous System which is connected to every muscle, tissue and gland in the body down to the cellular level. We do this through a muscle-checking indicator with the client¡¦s permission in-person, by phone or standing in for the client because we know that according to New Physics we are all connected in the Unified Field.
What we find is that we are measuring what the client is resonating with in regards to the issues in their lives because what we find is that what we resonate with is what we experience in the world. Everything is energy and energy is everything. Everything gives us a frequency read-out like an EEG or EKG. Our back aches, arguments, and fears all have a frequency which can be measured with a binary response we get from the muscle-indicator which gives us a contracted response for the issue. By the end of a session, the issue will no longer create a contracted response, but an OFF response or relaxed response for the issues brought to the session which means we are no longer spending our life energy on those issues, or that the stress related to those issues is no longer happening. And, the frequency read-out records the shifts. Joy, love, hope and ease all have frequency read-outs, as well. Here¡¦s an example of a frequency energy shift you can do for yourself.

A Pause for Centering: A Resonance Repatterning Modality

Take a moment to record how your body feels stress, anger or frustration. Does your body feel tight, closed, or unfocused? After you get a biofeedback reading from your body, close your eyes and tune-into your heart. Breathe in and out in a relaxed way into your heart. After you feel fully present in your heart, bring in a happy memory or a feeling of compassion or love. Fill your entire body-mind system with this frequency. Now radiate this feeling out to your loved ones and your surroundings. When you feel complete, open your eyes. Take a moment to notice what feels different. Does your body feel lighter, more present, and open? What you have done is a modality from Resonance Repatterning called a Pause for Centering. In fact, this modality will create entrainment which means better communication between all of the systems of your body including your Immune System for several hours. You will be able to problem-solve and think better when you do this. You can use this in rush hour traffic, before a test, interview or important conversation. Notice how your awareness expands with just this simple modality

This is just one of hundreds of modalites from the Resonance Repatterning System. With over 75 protocols, no two sessions are exactly alike because the muscle-checking indicator chooses the best route to restore balance and harmony for your life issues and intentions. There are no machines in these sessions. The modalites are from the natural world including color, light, sound, movement, fragrance and energetic balancing drawing on global healing disciplines. A session averages about 90 minutes, and can be done by phone, in-person or proxy for individuals, groups, couples, children, infants and animals. I have done sessions for clients as far away as 6000 miles with tangible and significant positive results. Any area of life can be addressed in sessions: relationships, communication, health, finances/money, job and career, creativity, or any place in life where you would like to move on from a stress, loss, shock or trauma. Resonance Repatterning will assist you with reclaiming more positive life energy.

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Kimberly Rex, MS is a Certified Resonance Repatterning practitioner and Person-Centered Expressive Therapist. She is the Board Chair for the World Peace Hologram Project at, and an Educator who has worked for over two decades on Care Teams with families and children.