Sometimes you might run into a situation where it feels like your energy is just stuck. You know what you are supposed to do and you want to do it, but for some reason you just can’t. It may be that you’ve just hit a subconscious boundary or an energy block that you need to clean out.

Sometimes we create these subconscious blocks in order to protect ourselves from perceived dangers or threats. Sometimes they are inflicted upon us through childhood trauma or other mental, emotional or physical trauma. I also firmly believe that we carry over subconscious blocks from past lives as well, blocks such as vows of poverty and celibacy that served us well in other lives but which may be holding us back in this one.

I’m not a psychologist or a psychotherapist or anything else that starts with psycho (no matter what you may have heard), so I’m basing this exercise purely on my own personal practice and the guidance I’ve gotten from Spirit. This can be a very powerful exercise and I strongly recommend that you have a good grasp of the concepts of Faith and Keeping a Positive Attitude that I mentioned earlier in this book.

In your meditation position of choice go through the Breathing and Full Body Awareness meditations. If you haven’t read one of my books or don’t have the CD that has these exercises on it then you can download them as guided meditations for free at

If you have the CD that has The Secret Smile exercise then you can always do this exercise as a warm up also.

Keep your mind as clear and uncluttered as possible and focus on this one thought - “I now release any emotional, mental or physical blocks that have been subconsciously holding me back. I no longer need these blocks and I’m ready to release them and to face anything that comes in the sure knowledge and faith that my Divine Spirit has the power to help me succeed. I allow these blocks to evaporate and be replaced with Joy, Love and Light.”

As you go through this exercise and focus on this mantra you may notice unbidden images arising in your 3rd eye. They may be images of events, traumas or problems that you’ve experienced. DO NOT get caught up in thinking about these issues as they arise. Simply let them evaporate like a wisp of smoke as the energy and stress caused by these events flows out of your body.

It’s important that you don’t let yourself re-attach to these events after you’re done with your meditation. Everything that comes up in this exercise is going to be an energy block, muscle knot or stress knot that is trying to release itself out of your body and spirit. If you continue to think about them then you are actually sending energy into these stress knots and they will become stronger and tighter rather than releasing from your system.

This can be a powerful cleansing exercise and it’s entirely possible that you’ll experience some physical or emotional release in conjunction with this exercise. You may find that you need to laugh or cry. You may find yourself suddenly getting angry without understanding why. You may even experience some physical cleansing such as diarrhea or vomiting as the toxins that you are releasing purge from your system. It all depends on your ability to let go.

I strongly advise adding some physical activity into your practice if you haven’t done so by this point. Dance, play, practice yoga or pilates or just put on some music and relax and let your body move in any way that it feels guided.
You may also benefit from getting some external therapy such as acupuncture, Reiki or massage while you are working with this meditation.

If at any time the cleansing process feels too overpowering then back off and go back to the Breathing exercise and pull your energy back down to your dan tien (the area right behind and below your belly button.)

Take your time with this exercise and don’t feel like you have to purge your entire system at once. Work it into your meditation practice and do it a couple of times a week or as you may be guided by Spirit.

© 2007 by Robert Morgen

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Robert Morgen experienced a near-death kundalini awakening in 1992.

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