Reiki and Cancer :-

A method of healing like reiki helps to expand conciousness.Resulting best results in cancer.Patient begins to experience that wonderful state where everything else a part of himself , and where everthing lives and functions in harmony One has to be just himself , remember the peace and the trength he has deepinside. will find it easies to turn misfortune into luck.

Reiki And Heart : -

The Heart Attack is the sum total of every thing which angles and annoys a person and which , finding no other outlet has now turned back on the body of a person with full force .So, one sholud open his heart to himself and others.The heart is center ofour emotions and love.And blood stands for vital energy and the joy of living. blood circulation distributes this vital energy and joy of living throughout the body with the help f heart and its capacity for love and emotion.With Reiki, One will be abled to open self upto love with in once heart and experience the joy and energy that lies both inside once soule and mind and in all creation and be able to give it freely unto others.One shouldn't swallo anger again and again because all gasrtic jucies change into acid in and unconcious attempt.And the result is heart burn and aillment.One can save oneself from having heartattack by reiki treatment.

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