Reiki is the Japanese word used to refer to life force energy as well as healing methods originated by Mikao Usui to work with this energy to foster healing and well-being.

This universal spiritual energy is what flows through all of us. We are all extensions and expressions of One Source. When we relax our minds and enter a receptive state we can become clear channels for this energy and bring about many positive results.

There are a few simple formulas which help explain how healing and transformation occur. Frequency + Intention = Healing is one phrase, popularized by sound healer Jonathan Goldman. Visualization + Vocalization = Manifestation is another way of expressing this. Imagination & Emotion = Transformation is a third way to describe how we manifest and co-create reality. With energy healing, we are able to radiate a high vibratory frequency and combine that with pure healing intent... when the person receiving this is in a receptive mode then great shifts and transformations can occur.

The mind and emotions are the roots of our wellness or lack thereof. These exist as fields of vibratory energy, interconnected to one another. Presenting a strong, positive field of energy via reiki or similar healing methods assists a disturbed field in bringing itself into a balanced, coherent state. HeartMath, the heart rhythm biofeedback system, has taught many people how to restore balance and coherence to their heart's vibrational pattern. Using auditory stimuli as well as emotional self-regulation, HeartMath has been a powerful stress management and healing tool.

Anyone can shift the energetic pattern of the heart into a healthy state - this can also be done with any part of our body or being, since we all have the capacity to self-regulate. Energy healing is a way we can help ourselves and others shift our frequencies - and frequency is a carrier for intention, so combining clear intent with energy healing can produce even more powerful and amazing healing shifts.

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Jed is a mental health counselor, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and practitioner of a variety of mind-body and holistic healing modalities. His website is Jed is author of Consciousness, Creation, And Existence: A Guide To The Grand Adventure.