Do nothing! Yes I mean it. But only for five to seven minutes a day during working hours.

You are born to work and working is a fun activity for the successful people of the world. I am giving you the “do nothing” advice in order to keep you working and working at your full potential without being depressed or tired.

During the mid-day sit down on a comfortable chair in a very loose and relaxed position. Your whole body, from head to toe, should feel comfortable. Switch off the telephone and TV. Cut off yourself completely from the outside world for a few minutes. No talking, no listening, no reading, no thinking, and no eating. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and go into deep relaxation. Pretend as if you are a dead person who has nothing to do and nothing to worry about. Be a part of the silent world.

I want to tell you, without going into lengthy details, that this short “do nothing” break would have magical effects on your mind and body. This practice not only relaxes your inner and outer muscles but also gives you the vital energy sufficient enough to keep you working for another couple of hours!

No doubt, after working hard for hours and hours your mind and body need some rest. Instead of taking cups and cups of hot coffee or tea to keep yourself active, use this simple technique of relaxation to enhance your working capabilities substantially.

I myself take a short break from my busy schedule during the lunch hours and practice this “do nothing” technique to relax my mind and body. I really feel great afterwards. Try it!.

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