Do you think 2006 is “YOUR” year or just “another” year in your life similar to the previous ones? What does 2006 mean to you? What is your slogan for 2006?

2006 is My Year of Happiness
2006 is My Year of Success
2006 is My Year of Achievement
2006 is My Year of Marriage
2006 is My Year of Fitness
2006 is My Year of Spiritual Enhancement
2006 is My Year of Financial Independence
2006 is My Year of Getting Excellent Results in Exams
2006 is My Year of Learning a Foreign Language
2006 is My Year of Improving Writing Skills
2006 is My Year of Buying a House

The bells are ringing and we are just counting the days when 2006 will enter into our lives. Are you fully prepared to welcome 2006 and want to make it the most rewarding, fruitful and memorable year of your life?

What mistakes did you do last year? What went wrong with your agenda? What remedial actions do you want to take now?

Are you expecting some miracles to occur in 2006? Nothing positive will happen unless you take control of your life and decide to change your life in the manner you want to live. Without effort and without proper planning your fate will remain the same as it is in the present moment.

Wake up! Face the reality and act now! Start 2006 with a strong commitment. Choose your own slogan for the new year. Make it YOUR year. Say loudly and repeatedly “It’s MY year, every day is MY day, every night is MY night and every month is MY month (January to December)”.

Are you ready to jump start new year with a new slogan, new vigor and new enthusiasm? I am sure, you are, because it’s YOUR year. Good luck in the year 2006!

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Hifzur Rehman, the editor of , is an author of motivational articles. His website is a great source of inspiration to those who want to live a happy, healthy and successful life.

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