So you have decided to lose weight. Great!

Why do you want to lose weight?

- to live a healthy and disease-free life
- to look younger and more attractive
- to feel more confident about yourself
- to gain popularity in social circles
- to be able to wear the clothes of your choice
- to live a more active life
- to enjoy life in full, etc.

Think for a moment and write down on a piece of paper, all the reasons which have motivated you to lose weight. This is important because you need to convince yourself that losing weight is in your best interest. If you cannot convince yourself, you can’t lose weight.

What is your goal?

Losing weight itself should not be your goal. Living a healthy life should be! You need to lose weight because you want to keep yourself healthy and physically fit. Therefore, living a healthy and joyful life should be your goal and must be kept in mind and pursued enthusiastically throughout your life.

Once you have a clearly defined written goal and the genuine need to lose weight, it would be much easier for you to shed extra pounds. Your success in any lose weight program is fully guaranteed if you have a strong determination to reach your goal.

Love your body

Love your body and make a solemn pledge to keep it slim, smart and healthy by losing that extra weight which is not only giving you an ugly look but also posing a serious threat to your life. You need to find out the best lose weight program, most suitable and beneficial to your body. Remember, there is no magic pill which can make you slim in an overnight. Don’t be fooled by the attractive advertisements which make you believe that you can lose weight in hours.

Be in harmony with your mind and body

Prepare yourself mentally as well as physically for the steps you are going to take. When you are in harmony with your mind and body then you will not have to force yourself to eat that special diet or to do that workout. Your body would be positively responding to the weight loss program thus enabling you to achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time.

And finally, even if you have failed to lose weight in the past, don’t give up. Try some other method. Hopefully this article would give you a new incentive in restarting your lose weight program. I want to read your success story!

(Please note: If you are suffering from some kind of ailment and taking medications then it is necessary to consult your physician before starting any lose weight program).

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