What do you think about yourself?

Are you an average person with average education, average skills, average job, average income, average dreams, average goals, average outlook of life, average thinking, average living standard, average .....?

Being an average person is no sin but it’s a tragedy that most average persons remain average throughout their lives. Why? Because they think, feel and act as an average person. They have no big dreams, no extraordinary effort to excel in life and no high goals to reach.

Why are you an average person? Why not an above average person? Think, think, think!

Did anybody stop you from going up? Kick that person out! Is there any hurdle in your way? Climb that hurdle! Don’t stay behind the wall. Break the wall and make your way. The world is very beautiful on the other side of the wall. Yes, it is!

Scratch your head and think what qualities should you possess to become an above average person. Ask yourself how you should look, act and behave. Be honest with yourself and decide whether you look like an above average person. If not then think what steps you need to take.

Improve your education and professional skills, improve your health and physical structure, improve your communication skills, improve your relations with colleagues and friends, improve your job environment, improve your domestic life, improve your social circle, improve your habits and life style, improve whatever needs to be improved.

Change yourself completely from inside and outside to fit into the posture of an above average person. Change your thinking, change your belief, change your life style, change everything that needs to be changed.

Remember, you cannot become an above average person by associating yourself with negative people. Give a copy of this article to your friends and ask their opinion. If they want to join you in the process of self-improvement then it’s well and good, otherwise leave their company because sooner or later you will be infected by their germs of negativity.

In order to fight the negativity (within and around you), you need to arm yourself with the powerful weapons of positive thinking. God given power and energy is already within you. All that you have to do is to use that energy in transforming yourself into an above average person.

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