I have decided to declare 2004 as the YEAR OF HAPPINESS for me. What about you? Yes, you can also do so! Anyone living in any part of the world has the right to be happy and enjoy every moment of his/her life. There is no harm in declaring the year 2004 as the Year of Happiness for All Mankind.

You cannot bring happiness to your life unless you decide to be happy. This is the most important decision of your life which you must take now with a firm commitment with yourself. Think, how great you will look, when you will bring smile to your face and happiness to your life.

Once decided to be happy and declare 2004 as the Year of Happiness, you put yourself on the path which leads to a happy, healthy and succcessful life. You put all your abilities and energies to work for you to bring happiness into your life and you really do not know what wonders you can do. Give yourself an opportunity to prove that you can live a happy life.

If there is one reason to be unhappy, there may be ten reasons to be happy. Why allow unhappiness to overcome happiness. Why not look for opportunities to be happy rather than making excuses to be unhappy. There is absolutely no reason in keeping oneself unhappy over petty things and unrelated matters.

Most patients prolong their illness simply because they do not realize that their condition is improving which is a matter of happiness for them. They rather keep on feeling the pain and complaining. This type of negative attitude of the patients certainly delays the recovery from illness. People must know that happiness is the best medicine which cures many diseases.

I suffered a massive heart attack in March last year while working in my office. An ambulance took me to the hospital in a critical condition. After a few hours, I was back to life (though in the ICU with lot of heart monitoring devices attached to my body). Believe me, that was the most happy moment of my life when I realized that I was alive! The joy and happiness of being alive, eliminated the pain which I was suffering and helped me in quick recovery.

Being alive itself is a matter of joy, excitement and happiness. Wyile you are alive you can do a lot to bring happiness into your life. But the "true happiness" will come to your life only when you will also try to bring happiness into the lives of other people. If agree, then please join hands with me in spreading the message of happiness to as many people as possible by referring this article to your friends, family and colleagues. Also help and motivate them in devising and implementing an Agenda of Happiness.

Let all living men, women and children declare 2004 as the YEAR OF HAPPINESS.

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