Believe me, today is the most wonderful day of your life! You live in today; drink, dine, walk, talk, work and play today. Living today is not enough, make it a wonderful day for you.

In order to make your today a wonderful day, get up from the bed early in the morning. While brushing your teeth, brush away the unfounded fears about today. Look in the mirror and say: “It’s a wonderful day”.

Go for a morning walk. Look what you were missing in your life. The chattering of birds, the smile of flowers and the (good) morning breeze gently touching your body. What a wonderful day!

After oxygenating your body in the open air, sit down crossed legs on the floor in a quiet place and go into deep meditation for 20-30 minutes with your eyes closed. Now open the window of your imagination and see with your “inner eyes” a giant YOU (a very energetic, fearless and confident person). Visualize the real YOU, a very powerful person within you. Take the divine energy from your inner-self and charge your body with the high powered currents. Isn’t it amazing! Lucky you! No doubt, it’s the most wonderful day!

What can be more refreshing than taking a hot water shower cleaning your body from head to toe. While shaving your beard, shave away the weeds of fear, self-pity and helplessness. Rather grow an imaginative beard of faith, courage and confidence. Now look in the mirror with your newly grown beard. Smile, smile, smile; it’s a wonderful day.

Don’t forget to eat a nourishing breakfast. Your body needs energizing food to maintain a good posture and a positive attitude. Oh no, don’t switch on the TV in the morning. Let the “dear devil” sleep. The TV people like to show “breaking news” and you know any “bad news” is “breaking news” for them. Don’t allow the TV to take away your smile and push you in the negative territory. It will be a disaster for you. Instead, play your favorite music and sing “it’s a wonderful day”.

Reaching your job place a few minutes before the start of work gives you the positive feeling of being ahead of others. Shake hands with your co-workers, smile and say good morning, I wish you a wonderful day.

Monday is the day when people have to push themselves to go to work. What a pity! Monday should be the most wonderful day for you. What can be more satisfying than the feeling that after a gap of two days, you are back to work. Enjoy your work. Be proud of your work.

During the day whenever you feel depressed just say the magical words “it’s a wonderful day” and see how the depression melts away.

Make every effort to make today a wonderful day. Those who lived yesterday are sleeping in their graves. Those who will live tomorrow, we don’t know. The only living day is today and it’s a wonderful day for the person who knows the dignity and honor of today.

____________________________________________________________Hifzur Rehman, a freelance writer, self-improvement adviser and investment consultant, lives in Geneva, Switzerland. He can be contacted through email:

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My name is Hifzur Rehman. I am 52 years old. I am a freelance writer, self improvement adviser and investment consultant. Presently I am residing in Geneva. Previously I have resided in New York, Tokyo, Amman and Islamabad. I am married with three grown up children.