It is true that everyone is psychic. Our psychic and intuitive perception is god given. These things are natural to us when we are born of body. They reside within the lower three chakras of the etheric consciousness, emotional consciousness and astral consciousness.

Often called instinct and feeling, the psychic abilities within each of us keep us alive survivally. Most people refer to them as their gut feeling. Spiritual people refer to them as their intuition. Either way all humans are born with them.

So what happens to these abilities as humans grow and develop? They are generally taught to use them only in their most basic form. Present day life disregards sense perception as a necessary form of development. It is seen as superstition, imagination and other worldly experience. Fear based, present life teaching and programming comes from the adult every day world surrounding us. We are brought up as children not in an environment of multiplicity that acknowledges the feeling sense as primary to any use other than our most basic survival.

When first born till the age of four all humans not only have the ability to see and experience the astral plane and its inhabitants, but spend a lot of time doing so. Young children still have recollection of where they were before incarnating this round as well as memories of other incarnations. Because the rational mind is under-developed during these early stages of life, it does not yet have the developed capacity to assimilate experiences as an adult mind does. Certain cultures advocate methods of teaching that help their young learn how to reflect and remember their experiences as they grow. In this way these experiences will be properly assimilated later in life. Some cultures teach their youth the importance of dreams, visions and to learn to interpret them. In modern times, these cultures are rare.

In the modern world things such as dreams and visions hold little if any daily importance. Children are taught that dreams are not real and visions are imagination. Little if anything is taught or learned concerning individuals as soul. Because of this children now often experience night terrors and many people have developed sleep disorders.

Lets look for a minute at the journey of the soul into the womb of human conception. Metaphysics teaches us that as a soul being, we choose our parents and environment before re-incarnating. This teaching is misunderstood because it is often taken literally to mean that we actually pick out the people in life that will play these roles. What is actually chosen by us, are the experiences needed to complete the next rung of the ladder in our own physical and soul evolution. Our need for this set of experiences was determined by our soul during previous incarnations. There are many things that factor into our choice of experiences in one lifetime; most are to accelerate our soul process.

This is why we do not choose the individuals that will be our parents but the experiences these beings present to aid us with our karma. The people whose lives we enter also have soul experiences that are needed with ours and resonate with us.

When the soul enters the womb of a physical mother it merges with her and the fathers DNA to receive its blueprint of what its life is to be about. Whatever the mother experiences and feels during the pregnancy is taken on by the child as its earliest memories of personality before being born. Because during this phase of life the new individual restores itself to where it left off learning in the previous physical incarnation, I call this karma.

To assume that when we die we go to a better and more spiritual plane of learning and then assume that we no longer need to continue where we left off in our physical learning last lifetime, is absurd.

Each plane of learning is what it is, and even though they are all interconnected, they still hold individual learning that needs be fulfilled before true ascension can occur. These are Universal Truths that cannot be superseded simply because we do not like or agree with them.

So we choose our parents not because of the love they will give us but because of the lessons we ourselves have not yet overcome the need for as a human being. When born we are at the mercy of these seeming strangers and their environment. All life seems quite foreign to us as we just came from a place where all our needs were simply met as they arose. Now we must obtain what we need to survive physically. Things such as, food, clothing, shelter, love, compassion and kindness, are necessities we had forgotten about. If the family we are born into does not normally have or share these things, we will do without them. Our formative years will be lived as an animal in the wild and we will believe that we too are wild and unruly. If the family you are born into is organized educated and loving, then you too will experience this energy and be taught to develop in this manner.

Now let us say that you are born to parents who are spiritually aware of themselves and the Universe as a whole. Entering the womb in this manner would be like being home, safe, loved and understood. Even the trauma of birth would subside by the loving connection the parent has already attained within life. The parent would have already established an energy of loving support and safety in the home you are sleeping and eating in, as well as understanding and communicating with you knowingly telepathically all the time. There would be a sense of peace established early on as well as sense of safety and security.

If in your last round of incarnations you yourself had reached such a state of awareness this indeed would be your experience.

Instead, most parents create a dependent sense of security within their children rather than a natural sense. This they do because they know no differently. That was their experience and they maintain it. The natural sense perception they were born with, is not part of their remembered reality. They establish security based on fear, not love.

This doesn’t happen because parents don’t believe they love their children, but because they know no other way. Thus the pattern of dependency upon others out of fear of loneliness thrives.

While very young we are like sponges, sucking up on all the energies around us. This is how we develop our sense perception. Other children surrounding us are also going through their own experiences and are often combative. Just as animals in the jungle learn to survive and fend for themselves, so do we.

If we have parents who have developed their sense perception already we are taught love and enlightenment early on. We are taught to think for ourselves and to use compassion and common sense when dealing with the rest of the world.

When born to parents who have stifled their sense perception we are taught that we are strange and weird and that we must conform to what the world recognizes as normal. We are taught to go against our natural sense perception. In an ideal world we would be taught how to blend the two.

Since so few of us were born to parents aware of their sense perception, we had to re-start the process later on in life to free ourselves from the stifling existence our childhood’s produced.

We had to go outside the so-called “norm” to begin searching and finding a true purpose and meaning to our life. We had to travel beyond what was known to us and into the unknown to learn to overcome our fear. We had to discover our own inner sense perception and begin using it anew.

Metaphysics teaches us that we gods. It teaches us that we are the creators of life and all the experiences therein. This being true then it is mandatory for us to not only comprehend what this means but to live it. Using our god given natural sense perception is key.

Sense perception and telepathy are strongly related. Without sense perception, there is no telepathy. When sense perception is distorted by our life path experiences, we receive all kinds of meaningless and distorted messages. We then convince ourselves that our intuition is useless. We have not yet learned how to clear our mind and thought of the distortions we have accepted as truth during our present incarnation. We expect a miracle to occur so that all the inner distortion be simply magically removed. We forget about the journey of life and karma and just want salvation. When this does not immediately take place we decide that we cannot trust what we feel and ascribe intuition to superstition. This is another distortion of truth.

Most people think that true sense perception is being able to see the future. They often believe in the intuition of others and not their own. We are actually seeing the future everyday by being observant in the present. If indeed it is true that history repeats itself, and strong evidence supports this theory, then we are looking at the future daily. It is not the ability to see the future that one should want to develop, but the ability to change it.

Re-acquainting yourself to your sense perception and its development are the key elements to achieving this. Sense perception is unending and continual. It is connected in with the “all” and “whole of life”. It is linked to the awareness and genius of all planes of existence, those that can be seen or not. It delves into the mysteries of life itself on planes of awareness established long before the earth existed and far beyond its demise. It is natural and genuine, just as you were designed to be, if you so choose.
Everyone loves a newborn baby when they meet it. This is because the baby is yet unconditioned by the exterior world around it. The baby is still telepathic and unconditional. As an adult, is it a huge undertaking to find and re-establish these things within self? Only the boldest and strongest will succeed.

Humans wish their worth to be recognized by their lower mind, their rational being. Their need for approval supersedes their desire to know themselves to be the universe of light that they are. They are afraid of being different and alone in life. They believe that they need the security they have been taught life is and will not explore other possibilities they believe to be outlandish and superstitious.

To all of you I would say, before you were incarnated you were nothing but sense perception. Somewhere within you is this memory, for truly you have spent more time within sense perception than you have within physical existence. The only journey and path of life is to get in touch with this memory and develop and integrate into the experiences you are now having.

I only know of one way to do this and that is go within. This can only be accomplished through hypnosis and meditation, done correctly. I say this because the states of consciousness you are trying to tap and remember dwell within your soul and you can only access them by reaching a trance state. The logical mind will never grasp these concepts in their entirety, only sense perception can do this.

Author's Bio: 

Athene Raefiel is a teacher of Mysticism and Enlightenment since 1980. For two years she hosted her own radio talk shows, one on Wale 990 in Rhode Island and one in Phoenix Arizona with KFNX 1100. She has been writing and publishing articles in metaphysical journals, newsletters and web sites for more than 15 years.

Athene received her Hypnotherapy training and degree from the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute of Boulder Co. in 1996. She also completed Mediation training with CDR Associates of Boulder Co. in February 2002.

She lectures and teaches Spiritual Growth seminars, and is a great motivational speaker. Topics include: "Living your Spirituality", "All About Angels and Spirit guides", " Changing Life Patterning" "Finding Love and Purpose."Athene has authored a book called "Getting to the Heart," subtitled, "A Journey of Soul Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment," published in 2003.

She has an international client base from her individualized clairvoyant readings and intuitive counseling.

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