So we have it then -- in the beginning there was you. You are light. You are a Radiant Being of golden light, shining brightly. Brighter than any star. Bright as a Radiant Child of God. You are Light and to Light you shall return. Be confident in your radiance, dear one. Be alive in the light. Be the light. Shine. Its what you are. It is all you have to do. The time of doing is over. Your radiance has been seen by all the other beings of light and they are attracted to you. They honor you, you Divine Radiant being.

Whence you came from the light. You came to experience yourself as a Creator God. You came to play with form. You clothed yourself in a body of matter. It was dense and heavy, and you adjusted to that in time. But once anchored in the density, you began to forget from whence you came. You forgot to remember your radiance. You entered the three-dimensional earth hologram and agreed to play the game.

Radiant One, it is time to remember who you really are. It is time to shine on the world once more. It is time to let your profound love flow through you to teach and heal. It is time, dear one. It is time.

Whole nations grew up around the notion of one God, one Supreme Being. Nations -- not only on this planet and this dimension, but many others as well. What is God then? God is all. God is pure energy. God is all. The totality. The light and the dark together. The good and the bad together. There is no good or bad. There is no light or dark. There is only God. You are God expressing through a human body now. Your personality is like a role you play in a movie. It is not who you are. It is not fixed. Does every actor in a movie become that role for the rest of his life? No.

You are not your personality. You are not your thoughts. You are not your beliefs. You are not your feelings. You are not your behaviors. You are God expressing the creative life force through a human body, choosing to focus your attention through the physical eyes and perspective of that one physical body at a time. But all other physical bodies are God too. They are you too. In the denseness of form, you forgot that.

So your purpose now, in this time, on this planet is to remember who you really are. It is to bring your radiance into this body. It is to transmute this dense physical body into a body of Light. It is to anchor spirit into matter and express Heaven on Earth.
Each body will express spirit and create heaven in a unique way. Oh – the magnificence of this Divine plan. How many ways can we express Heaven on Earth? A different Heaven for every body. Can you imagine that?

Author's Bio: 

Suzanna Kennedy, creator of the enlightenment technology, Divine Human Upgrades™, is an expert on Planetary and Personal Accelerated Evolution. named her their Official Guide to Enlightenment. She is a captivating speaker and author of the book Sacred Union, Pathway to Paradise.

Suzanna served for 20 years as a corporate consultant to industry giants; leading large-scale change initiatives. In 1997 she experienced a quantum consciousness awakening, birthing a higher dimensional aspect of her soul into her body. In 1998 she founded Reality Crafting and employs her new multi-dimensional skills to receive and translate technologies from higher dimensions to accelerate planetary and personal evolution.