A sound wave, an image, a dazzling light,
Opening the mind to new insight,
Musing thoughts remind me of when
Counting our blessings was so "in."

Keep your eye on higher things
Watching love's beauty spread its wings,
Live in the moment, be in the present,--
Life is a reflection of the I AM.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for matter in its proper place.
For single stars placed in the heavens,
And every fish that swims in the sea,
Each of us shines in our very own light
Dazzling others with who we've become.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for the mystery of One.
Birds swoop and swerve appearing invisibly
Schools of fish swim together as if in concert,
Sparkling diamonds reflect one unending light,
The air we breathe sustains all life.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for a soul journey.
Life is full of twists and turns,
Each of us has a unique path to follow,
Read the signs beyond doubt and fear,
Love alone is the true healer.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for the call of Spirit.
The ocean needs the waves,
The waves need the ocean,
There are many rivers to the sea
And many paths to the mountain.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for having a deeper appreciation for life.
Within the creative process time stands still while hours are passing by
An empty canvas awaits its masterpiece--
It's the "I AM" expressed and confidently believed
That sets the stage for finishing touches and perfect endings.

Author's Bio: 

Katherine Scherer and Eileen Bodoh are the authors of "Gratitude Works: Open Your Heart to Live," an inspirational book that helps readers access the healing power of gratitude, and the e-books "Gratitude Works Journal" and "Gratitude Works Prayer Book." Their mission is to touch lives with the spirit of gratitude. www.gratitudeworks.com

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