Purpose, Passion and Prosperity:

The holy trinity of a wonderful life includes the dynamics of purpose, passion and prosperity. The third is built on the ground of the first two. Let’s look at each in turn.


There is a great phrase in the Bible that says, “Where your heart is, there will be your treasure.” This is a pointer to the word purpose. The modern mystic Guy Finley give the best definition of purpose that I have ever come across. This is “Your purpose is to let Love use you for its own purpose.” This is an invitation to be willing to serve the creative within you for the highest good of all. You are a wave on the ocean of creation. You are not here simply to produce. You are here to be a Love of the treasure within you.


David Whyte, the modern poet and author of “The Heart Aroused” says:

Whatever does not bring you alive is too small for you.

Are you feeding the fire that needs no wood? This is your creative fire. Or has it gone out and you are waiting for the time when X happens. You fill in that blank. Life is forever creative. This is what it does. This is what it does in the heart aroused. A heart without passion that leads to compassion is a heart that been forgotten.


Look around at nature, particularly in the spring. Do you think that nature decides to stop sharing her abundance? This only happens when we human beings interfere with the creative process and exploit this process because we have forgotten our essence. Prosperity is a state of heart and mind and not a measure of your bank balance. Your bank balance can go but the state of your heart and mind does not depend on this unless you make yourself dependant upon it.

There are more steps to a wonderful life, far more, in fact. Learn more about what it is to move into wonder through the invitation of wonder tales and stories that invite your heart to find the treasure within. Come and find the treasure unique to you and is meant to be experienced by you.

Purpose, passion and prosperity are gifts you already have been given. Perhaps no one believed in you enough to set alight the wood that needs no fire. Soul friendship can ignite that spark. Let an anam cara (soul friend) light the kindling of your soul. Live the anam cara experience and come alive to your purpose, passion and prosperity.

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Learn more about this alignment of purpose, passion, and prosperity in the free report entitled “7 Ways to a Wonderful Life” at www.anamcaraexperience.org. The author shares the practice of soul friendship by helping others achieve this alignment using the tools of poetry, Celtic storytelling, and songs ancient and modern. Tony Cuckson lives in the west of Ireland.