You've decided to become a speaker, you have the knowledge, the talent and the desire to share with the world! You have spent hours putting together the perfect presentation and the money to create a speaker kit along with an online presence . . . now what? Where will I find the opportunities that will give me more exposure . . . more credibility?

First, you have to interact with the planners, the organizers, and the media, build relationships, network and let your presence be known . . . let them know you are the expert, otherwise they won't even know you exist! It's like opening up shop in the middle of the woods . . . no one is going to know your deep in the woods, that you have an excellent service to provide if you don't let them know! It is important to get yourself out . . . network . . . market . . . let them know you are the expert and while doing so open your mind to all the possible opportunities that are available to you . . . all the ones that are just laying there waiting for you to grab them!

Opportunities are in abundance for those who know where to find them and how to use them to their advantage . . . open your mind and heart and you will find them . . . and be careful because sometimes opportunities can find you and you don't even realize it until it's to late . . . keep your eyes open!

Don't turn down an opportunity just because you feel it isn't big enough, or isn't really your thing because what your doing is shutting the door to a potential opportunity that could have taken your business into the next level.

Opportunities can come in many different forms and those that can find the "hidden" opportunities and use them to their advantage will be the ones that advance in their speaking career much quicker. Don't be so blinded to an opportunity when it's looking you directly in the face . . . open your mind to what could come of that opportunity, where could it take you? How can you leverage it? Sometimes we overlook the smallest thing . . . the smallest opportunity and not even realizing that it could have been one of the biggest stepping stones to success!

Sometimes opportunities will come to you and they will be visible as day, sometimes they will be hidden and unclear . . . and more times then not the ones that were unclear and hidden . . . the ones we weren't looking for . . . are the ones that will open the door to new ventures, new opportunities, new relationships and new clients! Remember great enterprises were built on small opportunities . . . think about that when your turning down your local rotary club, a fundraiser, an interview, or school function. Look beyond the obvious . . . .beyond the initial dollar sign . . . you might be surprised what you find!

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