Much of the unhappiness that we experience is from believing in one thing and trying to do another.

If you are setting goals based on what you think you “should do” rather than what you want to do, it is very likely that you are hurting your self esteem.

Having clear standards and values and living by those standards are what women with high self esteem do.

The closer you align your goals and actions the more you respect yourself and the higher your self esteem will be.

If you are doing what you regard as worthwhile yourself esteem soars. The rewards are so much greater because you truly believe in what you are doing with all your heart. The crazy thing is you are much more likely to be successful because of your commitment.

Your values and beliefs are a powerful moving force. If your actions and values are in harmony, you will experience tremendous satisfaction with everything you do and you boost your self esteem.

So ask yourself “Am I living my life by my inner most convictions?” Are you doing what YOU want, or are living a life scripted or prescribed by others?

Only you can answer the question. And, you now know why your answer is so important.

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Jane Powell is the founder of Meditations for Women, providing 1 minute meditations to thousands of women around the world each day. Visit and sign up for Free daily meditations, delivered directly to your email.