As we step through the doorway of 2004, we breathe in the aromatic smell of a clean crisp new year and breathe out the stresses and concerns of the old, former year. Like the sunlight peering through an open curtain, a slight breeze lifting it, the rays of hope and new beginnings look bright.
Wow! It all seemed so glorious in the beginning!

Reality month later.

You probably started out the year with very specific goals. Maybe this is the year that you have your heart set on starting a new business, or perhaps this is the year you are going to drop those extra pounds so you can enjoy the Summer with a new you. Maybe this is going to be the year that you stop smoking. Perhaps you want to be a mother and this is the year you want to start trying. Maybe your goal is to get your body in shape, start a nutritionally benefiting diet program and go on a regimented exercise program. Your goal might have been to learn a new skill, a new computer program, develop a website. Perhaps you have met the person you want to start your life with, so this is the year you want to settle down.

As you set goals for the new year no doubt you were filled with enthusiasm and excitement. You set out with the best intentions. If your goal is to get in to better shape you may walk to work, jog, go to the gym every other day, maybe even everyday. You feel pretty good about yourself, then little by little, your resolve begins to diminish, and you find a variety of reasons for not carrying on. It becomes easier to fall back on the old and known, than to start something new. Eventually the resolution slips away only to reappear next Jan 1st.

There are many emotions that will sabotage your best intentions. One of the biggest fears we women have is not succeeding, in the end it is just safer to give up. Women tend to blame circumstances for giving up. "Oh, no I'm not going to the gym anymore, I don't have the time". If you are not seeing the results, it becomes the fault of others. Sometimes that inner voice gets the best of you "Why keep trying, I won't succeed, I didn't last time." . Sound familiar?

Once you identify the feeling(s) that are holding you back, you need to become aware of the effects they are having on your actions. If you become aware of the feelings that stand in your way, you make them less powerful. When you get the urge to quit look for a deeper reason. Ask yourself, "Why didn't it work?".

Every obstacle you face will challenge your abilities. The secret is to expect that there will be obstacles and don't let them defeat you. Look at your daily successes and the positives in your life to keep you focused on your goals.

As you accomplish what you set out to do, you will be reminded of the strength and perseverance that you have. That is the feeling you need to embrace to keep the momentum moving forward, don't lose sight of the end.
A proven way to achieve your goals is to keep them to a daily triumph. Take small steps towards your ultimate goal, that way you won't be disappointed with yourself when you fail that specific day. Just get back up, wipe yourself off and start all over again. You have the strength and the power within to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

In a year from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. You have made a commitment and mapped out your path. Now is not the time to wander. On the road to fulfillment you can't help but find your individuality and independence. You will discover new things about your self and you will reveal inner strength that you didn't know you had. Whichever road you take to discover your new self, remember you are doing this for you and the destination you finally reach will be worth it.

No question about it.

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Jane Powell is the author of "One Minute Meditations". Inspiring, motivating and encouraging women to live to their full potential. Visit and sign up for the FREE One Minute Meditations.