We hear things like “Pride goes before a fall” or “Don’t have airs. For that reason, we are taught not to be too proud or too showy. Society gives mixed messages about life. This is what makes life unnecessarily difficult to live; because the conflicting messages create undue stress for many. Growing up, we are told to be proud of who we are, where we come from and the family we belong to. In being proud of who you are, you want to show the world what you are made of. When you try to do that, you find that you are not allowed to be prideful because it is arrogant and it is not nice to be corky.

As an unconventional pragmatist, I personally believe that people should be proud of who they are and what they are all about. They should be very proud to share their talent with the world. If nature endowed you with beauty (inner, outside or both), artistic talents (actor, dancer, singer, artist, chef, architect etc); healer, psychic etc; you should display what you are blessed with. Do it with pride and joy. You ought not hide away or play down your blessings for fear of appearing conceited. It is healthy to be full of yourself; because if you are not proud of yourself, who do you expect to be full of you?

Besides, if you do not feel good enough about yourself to be joyful, you cannot feel good about anyone else or life in general. It is important to be full of yourself because God made you and he is proud of you. You are a part, an extension of him. Not being proud of who you are, is not showing confidence in your Creator because he makes no mistakes. We are all stylishly unique and unduplicated in our own individual ways and none is better than the other; just different. We must enjoy what we have, because conditions can change any time.

Being proud does not mean that we have to be loud and abrasive. We can be assertive in our endeavors; without rubbing people the wrong way, with negative aggression. We cannot deny the truth; we must proclaim it clearly but ever so gently. It is wholly possible to be proud and humble at the same time. Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, Mandela are examples of highly dignified persons that are also gentle and kind. Pride is not arrogance, nor does it need to be cursive. Pride is dignity.

It is only the ignorant that display arrogance and have exaggerated sense of self importance when it is uncalled for. We are all important in our own ways. We are all differently able and uniquely endowed; therefore we should not compare ourselves to others or put others down. That would be vanity and not pride. Pride is joyful but vanity is braggadocios and negative.

Of all things, we must remain true to ourselves in good times or bad and be kind.
The people that succeed in the entertainment industries; (and the world), are those that understand that, we are only as powerful as we allow yourselves to be. They grasp their unique qualities that work for them, ignoring their limitations; and breathe passion into what they have. They proudly shine and share their lives with the world. Pride is simply exuding self confidence and high self esteem.

The people who are not successful in life; are those that defeat themselves with their own limitations, as they shun their assets. This is done in the spirit of being modest. They find many excuses why they cannot be bold enough to shine. They end up bitter about life; not realizing that they inadvertently surrendered their dreams to noisy negatives. There will always be someone to discourage us from following our dreams; because they feel that we are not good enough to succeed.

That is all well and good for the nay sayers; but if we succumb to such criticisms, and pressures; we do not deserve to shine. We are all blessed and nobody can block our anointments but God. We do not always know the motives of the critics; although they may sometimes help to stretch our goals and dreams; however, we must know our own purposes in life, to prevail and succeed in our endeavors.


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Sr. Disability Analyst, Empowerment Trainer, Talk Show Host and Author of "Innocence Interrupted", "A Slice of Africa" & "Till Cheating Do Us Part"