This year is a master number 11 and as such we are coming into our own mastery this year, dear ones. A time to release and let go of all unnecessary items, past issues or anything that may be holding your vibration in a lower frequency. This year’s masters vibration has a lot of people wondering what is going here on your earth plane; you dear ones, are feeling the rebirth of all on your planet. The more you align with your mastery the easier the transition will be. The master number 11 is the number of leadership, personal power and spiritual truths and also represents leadership, initiative and new beginnings.

In meditation with your inner guide and angels ask what needs to be completely released for the new to come in and let go of all issues that come to mind. Bless the issues and the persons who assisted you in understanding your humanness. See all as the Divine. If you truly want new to come to you; you must release all old ideas about yourself and others. Let yourself release what you have buried deep inside and be sure to be completely honest with yourself when doing this. It is time to plant glorious new visions that align with the Divine and remember you have the power within. So we ask you dear ones, what do you want to create?

Light is always at the end of the tunnel, dear ones. Connect with your vibrant inner light and radiate that out to all; including yourself. You have two options right now to align with fear or love. Please know love is of the Divine which is your true nature and birthright. Allow this love to deeply penetrate all your body systems; mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Really feel, sense or see this love. Understand dear ones that love vibrates on a very high frequency that allows miracles to happen.

You are the ones you have been waiting for; empower yourselves and step up bravely! Enjoy the process, dear ones.

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Dr Kelli is a visionary dedicated to healing the hearts of the Universe. She felt the presence of Angels early in life and started “talking to Angels and spirits” as a little girl; her near death experience was a catalyst in changing her life’s direction. She has a background in human resources management and was in Corporate America for may years before entering the spiritual & healing arts field.

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