Dr. Kelli, Doctor of Metaphysics and founder of Center for Vibrational Healing, Inc.

Indeed a Glorious Time to Be Here –
Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

Beloved Ones,

It is truly a glorious time to be here on the earth with the awakening of the consciousness to oneness, peace and harmony! Please know that the shift to the fifth dimension is divinely orchestrated; everything is in perfect and Divine order, dear ones. The time has come to release what you call here “survival mode,” dear ones. This new era is will break this mode; awakening you to your true Divine state.

You are master creators… are you not? Look at what you have created in your life so far. It is time to create peace, harmony and connection with all life. Bless your mess, dear ones. There is no judgment in your creations; only learning and observing. Send love to all areas that need healing. You dear ones, can truly create whatever you want – whenever! Be careful what you allow into your subconscious minds because this is the area that creates.

Release all fear and tension in your body systems and allow your system to relax completely in the light and Love. Focus on Love, Peace, Light and joy. Let these emotions fill every part of your multi-dimensional systems. Flow like a river and reconnect to earth and nature; allow nature to heal your systems. Feel the oneness in all things. All is connected at a deep level; one you can feel if you think of yourself as a spark of the Divine Creator. Release and purge any negative emotions or thought forms into the light for transmutation. Feel your true Divinity and connect with it; this is your birthright as a creator here on the earth plane.

We ask you…what is out of harmony in your life right now? Balance is the key to harmony; balance of the mind, body and emotions.

Remember to focus on Love daily. What does that look or feel like to you specifically? Love is the true healer for all. Focusing on love for a few minutes in the morning and evening will shift your vibration upwards. Have compassion for your fellow man. See him or her as if they were actually you. How would you like to be treated? We ask you to try to remain neutral before you feel the need to judge your fellow man.

Ask for our assistance in dream state. Ask for solutions to your impeding issues. We will come to you through this so called dream state. Make sure to ask and have a clear question or intention. Know we are here to assist you through this time, dear ones.

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Author's Bio: 

Dr Kelli is a visionary dedicated to healing the hearts of the Universe. She felt the presence of Angels early in life and started “talking to Angels and spirits” as a little girl; her near death experience was a catalyst in changing her life’s direction. She has a background in human resources management and was in Corporate America for may years before entering the spiritual & healing arts field.

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