Organizing is a personal adventure. No one can tell you how to organize your space or your things. You have to be part of the decision about how it all happens. Organizing your space is something that must come from you, your soul, your head, your heart.

Having an organized home, office, car, purse or calendar is even more important in these times of such uncertainty. Be organized in your home so you can find what you need and don’t buy duplicates and triplicates. Be organized in your office, so you can efficiently and effectively be valuable in your job. Be organized in your schedule, so you can be efficient with your time and always keep track of your appointments and commitments.

Having your spaces organized can give you a sense of peace, well being and stability when others around you emanate feelings of concern, chaos and sometimes even panic.

A personal organizer that learns about who you are and how you are in your space, can provide you with suggestions and ideas that might work for you. You, as a unique individual, are the only one who can make the decision about what you keep and what you release, how and where you keep it, why you keep it, and if and how you manage it. You are the only one who knows when you are truly ready to BE organized and how much time, energy and money you want to invest in the project.

A professional organizer is invaluable in asking you questions that can help you make some of those decisions. It is true that having an organized space will save you time and money, relieve some of the stress of a busy life, and help you find harmony in the various components of your life.

When you are ready to invite a professional organizer into your life, that person will walk by your side, with patience and compassion as you travel down the path of bringing order to your home or work space. That person will hold your hand and your heart as you move through what might be a lifetime of memories. She might stand by you for a few hours to bring in a spark of motivation or inspiration, or she may join you for many weeks or months as an angel on your shoulder, providing ongoing encouragement, reinforcement, motivation and accountability.

Author's Bio: 

Kathy is a Certified Professional Organizer® who helps people organize their homes and offices, teaching the skills to get and stay organized. She helps to reduce clutter and chaos and develop skills to be more organized and productive both at home and at work.