The purpose of the online media kit is the same as the printed media kit - to improve the accuracy of journalists by providing the information that can’t be included in a press release. It provide of the convenience of finding the needed information 24/7 via your website. The online media kit provides the same information your printed media kit does.
Your online media kit should contain:
• Contact Information. Include the company’s address, direct phone number and email address to the company’s spokesperson. Be sure to use a real email address instead of generic ones like pr@... or media@... so that journalists know their request will be responded to.
• Company Background. In your company description include statistics about your company like the year founded, number of employees, annual sales, etc. Don’t use company or industry jargon. Your company description must clear and understandable by all.
• President/CEO’s bio. Include photos as well.
• Photos. Include downloadable photos key employees, company logos and product photos. Remember to include download instructions.
• Press Releases. List all of your press releases on your website starting with the current press release.
• Pass News Coverage. Link to all coverage about your company and key employees. Include print, audio and video coverage.
• Backgrounders. Whitepapers, Awards & Recognition, Speeches, fact sheets. Even streaming media of press conferences, speeches and demonstrations.
• Upcoming Events. List upcoming tradeshow involvements with booth numbers, speaking engagements, conferences and seminars.
• Story ideas & Industry trends.
A few more tips to make your online media kit journalist friendly.
• Have your information in both PDF & HTML format
• If your media kit has a lot of information make it searchable
• Don’t include things the media wouldn’t want to see
• Provide a link to online media kit from your home page
• If you can’t write get a copywriter. I recommend SOHO Support Solutions
• Don’t make journalists have to register to view your media kit
• Offer a way for journalists to request updates
• Make sure your online media kit is easy to navigate

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