After being in the field of residential real estate for many years, when introduced to the the ancient art of Feng Shui, I had a much better idea of why some homes "connected" with buyers and some didn't.

One of the under-lying themes for Feng Shui was the idea of creating an environment that felt very comfortable but also secure. I never gave much thought to how security may effect a buyer's subconscious feeling. Surely we all want our environments to make us feel safe, but how could this have much of an impact on their buying decision. Well it does! Just as we learned in some of our basic psychology classes in college, certain situations have got to be in place before we can fully enjoy the next higher level. Often these feelings cannot even be articulated, but we just know something is "off".

We have all walked into a place which felt good immediately, but conversely we have walked into a building or a room that made us want to "flee". We couldn't explain it, we just wanted to go somewhere else...and fast.

You can imagine how a vibe like this can easily de-rail any interest in purchasing a property. Could it get any worse that this for our homeseller?

In Feng Shui, many different experiences have been recorded through out time. Things were found to be hazardous, uncomfortable, attracting, stimulating, and motivating. This "art" is ongoing, and has been continually polished and updated. Today we have items that our late, late relatives never had to consider. Some of these items are: electricity, computers, televisions, automobiles, microwaves, etc.. In Feng Shui, everything causes a reaction. Everything will play a part in an environment.

It is silly of us to not believe a negative poster in our teenager's bedroom will not have a impact. It does! It is crazy of us to not see how certain architectural details of a room may greatly impact a buyer's decision also.

Just one of many reasons Feng Shui can help sell a home is the "softening" of corners or edges which give off a stressful feeling to someone. These "posion arrows" are everywhere and need to be corrected both inside and out for a buyer, or a visitor, to feel comforable and secure.

Often the first thing I will look at, when a home won't sell, is the front entrance. Are there columns or flower pots or roof lines that are "pointing" at a home buyer? Is there anything that is "unwelcoming" or makes our prized visitor to "duck" or side step?

When selling a home, my role is to get rid of any thing that does not give off the feeling of "living here will be easy, comfortable, and enjoyable". To me, many homes that are difficult to sell are making people feel uneasy, unsure, and insecure.

Feng Shui makes sure that an indivdual can register, at all levels of their being, this will be my "sancuary". And in a world that constantly seems more chaotic and crazy, a sancuary is really what we are all looking for...isn't it?

Author's Bio: 

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Certified Home Stager, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Author of: FENG SHUI FOR THE REAL ESTATE AGENT. MA in business, BS in mathematics, AD in computer science. GRI, ABR, CNHS real estate designations. Creator of the RESA approved designation/workshop...FENG SHUI STAGING PROFESSIONAL.