It’s just a matter of scents.

By Luke Vorstermans

The Sense of Smell Lab (The SOS Lab) is a division of The Orion Group Ltd, a world leader in pioneering products that use our sense of smell for health, wellness and sheer smelling pleasure.

For the past five years, we've been developing technologies that change the way people experience the power and pleasures of aromas, scents and fragrances. Using our innovative aromapod and non transdermal aroma patch, we deliver aromas directly to the nose of the user without dispersing them into the environment. This allows for the discrete delivery of aromas that is personal, convenient and non-intrusive.

Our sleek aromapod delivers the healing benefits of aromatherapy through a uniquely designed inhaler so small it fits conveniently in your pocket or purse. By infusing the essential oils into a small cellulous wafer, the aromapod eliminates the need to handle the volatile oils. Now you can enjoy the health benefits of aromatherapy wherever and whenever you want it.

Our non transdermal aroma patch is very sophisticated - no thicker than Scotch tape and about the size of a thumbnail. Not only does this tiny patch hold the aroma formula, it is also designed to be non transdermal so nothing is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. This makes our patches absolutely safe and free of any side effects.

Our sense of smell contributes enormously to the quality and enjoyment of our lives and well being. The use of aromas and fragrances in temples and churches, for religious ceremonies, at feasts and celebrations, and for the promotion of love, health and wellness goes back as far as recorded history.

Aromatherapy, deemed a fringe therapy 30 years ago, is now a mainstream healing technique that focuses on the application and inhalation of essential oils for the purpose of affecting a person's mood and health.

And recent medical research into the power of our olfactory sense to trigger memories, enhance moods and improve health and wellness is giving our sense of smell a whole new attitude.

So while the pharmaceutical companies churn out billions of pills and potions to alter the body’s chemistry using the bloodstream, our sense of smell provides a natural, non invasive approach to better health and wellness.

Innovating products to deliver the power of this sense into people’s lives is the passion of The Sense of Smell Lab.

So, imagine using your sense of smell to help manage your emotions, alleviate stress, boost your energy, help curb cravings, enhance your moods and treat a wide variety of psychological and physiological problems.

No drugs. No pills. No potions. Simple. Safe. Effective. And with no side effects.

It’s just a matter of scents.


Author's Bio: 

Luke Vorstermans is the Founder and CEO of The Sense of Smell Lab, a world leader in pioneering products that use the sense of smell for health, wellness and sheer smelling pleasure. The SOS Lab developed the Sniff n Go aromapod, the Scentuelle libido patch and Scent Therapy product line.