Causes of Oily Skin

Genetic – Genes can be such that your parents passed on ‘the oily skin gene’ to you and that is just the way it is. But you don’t have to resign your self to having oily skin. The right skin care regime will help to balance the pH of your skin and help you achieve a more ‘normal’ skin type.

Dietary – This is one area where you can have a strong influence. You choose what you eat and what you eat will affect your skin. Eat oily, greasy foods and your skin will reflect that. Eat healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables and your skin will reflect that too. Some vegetables are particularly good to help balance your skin and help reduce the oiliness of your skin. Some include:

Greens and fruits; drink Yarrow Tea; add Cucumber, parsley, Cabbage, Tomato to your cooking and salads.

Hormonal – Hormones influence your skin to a great extent. The birth control pill can cause some women to develop oily skin, while in others it can cause dryness of the skin. You should talk to your health professional about your concerns if you suspect your birth control pill to be causing you oily skin.

Pregnancy relatedPregnancy is a time when your body goes through a number of hormonal changes, these will tend to normalise themselves after birth, however, using a good quality, natural skin care regime can give you considerable relief while your pregnant and wish to get your oily skin under control.

Cosmetic products – Make sure your cosmetic products are natural, synthetic and artificial products have a habit of causing all sorts of skin reactions, apart from making your skin oilier than it already is.

Climatic – Hot, humid climates tend to cause oily skin. Again you can counteract this by using a high quality natural skin care regime and drinking lots of water (in excess of 3 litres per day).

Most commonly, teenagers are most likely to be affected by oiliness of the skin a however, hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, puberty, menstrual cycles etc., can affect the sebum secretions of the skin and result in oily skin. Although, generally with age the skin tends to become dryer, oily skin can still be a problem even during the middle stages of life, often referred to as ’middle age acne’. The up-side of oily skin is - it ages more slowly.

Skin Care for Oily Skin

First, let’s look at what NOT to do:

Do not wash your face more than once or twice a day.

Do not use soap to wash your face.

Do not use strongly astringent products (products that leaf your face feeling dry and dehydrated).

Now let’s look at what TO do:

Use a complete, natural skin care regime.

Two or three times a week use a deep cleansing mask specifically formulated for oily skin. Wildcrafted’s Green Earth Medicine Facial Clay has been specifically formulated for oily skin and includes ingredients such as Green Clay and Niaouli Hydrosol which are beneficial in treating your oily skin.

Wash your face no more than twice a day using a natural pH balanced cleanser. Wildcrafted’s Lemon Cleanser uses ingredients such as essential oils of Lemon and Lavender blended with Jojoba oil to cleanse, freshen and restore your skin.

Use a toner that is appropriate for oily skin. Wildcrafted’s Wild Herb Toner makes use of Witch hazel and Juniper Berry, which condition and tone the skin, while Grapefruit and Niaouli invigorate the skin prior to moisturising.

Use a moisturiser designed specifically for oily skin. Wildcrafted’s Avocado Day Crème contains wholesome oils like Wheatgerm and cocoa butter that moisturise and hydrate the skin without leaving a greasy feeling and essential oils of orange blossom and lemon to cleanse and soothe.

Use your natural skin care regime every single day.

Ensure your diet is very high in vegetables and very low in fatty foods.

Drink plenty of water each and every day!

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Danny Siegenthaler is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and together with his wife Susan, a medical herbalist and Aromatherapist, they have created Natural Skin Care Products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products to share their 40 years of combined expertise with you.

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