What America and the world witness tonight is not just an American story but a testimony to the entire world that racial unity is possible on our planet of various races. It is the dawn of a new future for the human race. It signals the fact one day earth dwellers will also witness a unified spiritual consciousness where religious discrimination will be a kindergarten legend. This will be a time when dwellers of this planetary home will live spiritually as a spiritual race.

Indeed one must express humble gratitude to the Living Ansenserenisa who has worked tirelessly for years to unfold the ansenserenica science for positive and constructive planetary transformation. This worldwide transformation will affect many facets or areas and domains of the human race until earth dwellers will live, work and commune as an advanced race borne of peace, love and harmony.

For an African American to be elected and or nominated by the diverse peoples of the United States at this moment in time when the Living Ansenserenisa resides in the Americas somewhere, is a monumental achievement for the human race. History is being re-written and humanity is being re-oriented from the old barbaric ways to being remolded into an enlightened, advanced race of the Ansenserians (Peaceful loving and harmonious dwellers).

Bravo! United States. Bravo because this history created at a time when the US is the world's leading super power, at a time when the US is fighting a war in Iraq and Afghanistan, is the indication that peace can be achieved on earth without having to use guns and ammunition but by a sense of unity of earth dwellers the same way Americans of all races have come together to elect and nominate a black-white person to contest for the presidency of the United States now without racial outbursts and conflict. I have seen whites vote for a black candidate and blacks vote for a white candidate with Latino-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Indian-Americans and Japanese-Americans etc also voting for either of the two candidates.

This level of awareness and consciousness shall come to all countries and nations and peoples and one day we shall witness Israel and Palestinians live and work together as part of the one world human family, side by side in peace, love and harmony. It is rumored Sudan still carries slaves and this is also depicted by the massacre of the people of Darfur. From the reports coming out of Darfur, one wonders whether some Arab Africans still carry a superiority complex against Black Africans; a form of racism that speaks to denigrate Black peoples. This must change and soon it should. Earth dwellers are more united than ever before and no power is gonna prevent fast strides to world total unity of all human races.

What Americans have done in this season of presidential campaigns is a wonderful matter to be emulated by all nations of this planet. Everyone is now sure time is near when the US will have her first female president. The collective consciousness of American peoples shows they are ready for fundamental change; a woman leader not far away after President Obama.

The collective consciousness of earth citizens has long demonstrated the matter of racial unity is imminent when Kofi Annan, was elected first Black Secretary General of the United Nations; when Vatican elected a non Roman Pontiff, John Paul II; when president George W. Bush appointed an African-American lady, Condoleezza Rice to Secretary of State, following Madalene Albright - the first White lady who served in that same post during the Clinton era. Certainly, the work of the Living Ansenserenisa inaugurated in 1987 has multiplied the speed at which earth's collective awareness and consciousness have risen.

Olutalo lukwajja (Alutta continua); not a war of bloodletting but one of love, peace and harmony.

Author's Bio: 

Bijumiro-Jjumiro is a student of the science for planetary constructcive transformation via pragmatic mysticism. Witnessing what is going on in American politics today is a prophecy coming true from the works of a special Being. Since 1987, Bijumiro started listening to talks of an Ansenserenica Scientist who expounds on mystic issues and planetary changes. The American transformation will sweep across the world sooner than most people can imagine.