As a spiritual healing facilitator and counselor, I've consciously chosen to delve into vibrational frequency in a way that can be challenging to the third-dimensional reality I also walk in.

I've written about some of the manifestations of spiritual acceleration and the challenges that often accompany spiritual growth that is transformative at a cellular level. These symptoms of transformation have included, in my own experience, dizziness which seemed to have it's origin in the third eye area, nausea or cramping in the solar plexus, fibromyalgia, expanded body (sensing my energy going far beyond the physical body and sensing the physical body expanding upward), seeing what I call "cellular costuming", which means seeing the Light Being underneath the flesh.

Today, I wanted to share yet another experience I've had, in hopes of comforting other spiritual travelers who may have wondered if they were losing it.

I was sitting in the sanctuary of my home and, as I looked around the familiar room, suddenly nothing in it was familiar....not my purse, my books, my computer, my vitamins, my pillow, etc. It was as if I had been materialized in a foreign world, or woke from a trance to find myself in someone else's home....a home where none of the items within it were known to me. Not only did my purse look unfamiliar, but I didn't know what it was! I could not formulate the concept of "purse". In fact, I could not have even called a house, a house. There was no context in me, for what things were called.

In the midst of this experience, I remembered a passage from a famous metaphysical text, called A Course in Miracles. I have not been led to read this book from cover to cover, but occasionally I will open it up and read or do one of the spiritual exercises within the Course of Miracles.

The exercise that came to mind at that moment regarded the meaning of "things". There is an exercise where you are directed to look at different items around you and, as you look at each one, you say that the item doesn't mean anything. The purpose,
from my perspective, being to realize that "things" only have meaning because of our individual associations and personalization of them. Since a part of our acceleration process is to release attachment to things in the third dimension, this exercise seems of particular importance. It is an awareness shift which allows you to view anything to which you have attached inordinate importance, in a detached and unemotional way.

Concerning the reading of books in general, anything discovered for the first time through written form has definitely been offered to the reader at an earlier time, on a spiritual level. Spirit prefers to work with us directly. Other methods are only employed when direct communication is not achieved. When earlier
Spirit-realm messages are not received, it becomes necessary (through the physically obvious means of the written word) to cause the seeker to be open to the message that has been avoided, resisted, or not noticed in dreamtime, meditation, or waking visions.

As I read the sentence in "A Course in Miracles", it caused me to
focus my attention in the area of the "things" I have around me. As a consequence, I was more quickly able to recognize the experience of detachment in the sanctuary, vividly represented by my failure to recognize familiar things. The lesson was learned and integrated without veering off into corners of intellectual analysis.

I am certain that this particular message had been offered to me before, directly from Spirit. Perhaps, I was distracted by ego problems, physical struggles, money concerns, relationship conflict, etc., to the point that I did not receive it.

This is a part of the usefulness of communications such as what you are reading now.

Yet, my knowing is that it can be non-progressive to allow any account of another's experience, no matter how well-written, to define your own spiritual experience. I judge a book by it's impact on me personally....if it resonates with my inner knowing (after I've cleared any ego reactions) and creates within me positive awareness shifts, then I accept it as truth. We must have the courage to find our answers, apart from any outside teachers. The best spiritual teachers know this, giving few answers but asking many questions.

It is spiritually progressive to remember, when learning from any form of written communication that what you are reading is at least three steps distant from the initial experience. The author had the experience, thought about it, and wrote about it. They also probably discussed it with others, editing throughout the creative process.

In addition, due to the difference in words used and in individual thought processes, there is always the possibility of misinterpreting what the author means by certain words, and misunderstanding what is being communicated by the author.

As a rule, much of any written collection of information will be outdated by the time it reaches print, and given more for confirmation than discovery. Learning to engage an inner wisdom, you may glean from the experience of another what is of value for you.

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Neva is currently being as an etheric alchemist, available to play at cosmic levels with others who are or who wish to be in states of freedom from suffering, karma and 3-d programming. meet me in the space between things.